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In Charge of Team Snacks? Foods to Choose and Foods to Avoid

As the coach schedules the practice game, in the “I’m Bringing” section, he puts your name alongside team snacks. You are a new sports parent and are going to be doing this for the very first time. This could be tricky.
If you’ve been caught in such a situation or feel the chill of getting in one, here’s quick guide to foods you can and foods you should avoid taking to a kids’ game.
The choice of food will depend on the duration of the practice or game. If the duration is going to be less, you can pick from granola bars, oranges, bananas with some healthy beverages like juices etc. But if the duration of the game is going to be longer, like a league or competition wherein kids will be required to come early and hold back until awards ceremony, then you may need to take enough food to keep kids satiated throughout the day. Here’s a quick reference as to what foods to choose and what foods to avoid.
Balance Carbs, Proteins and Fats
Most parents feel taking sugary food will do the trick as it will give the necessary energy boost. While this is true, but it’s just partial truth. Kids need proteins and fats too.
In fact, the type of nutrition can be planned on the type of activity kids would be required to do. For instance, an hour before the game, you can give simple carbs like granola bars, juices, fresh or dried fruit etc. Post-game focus on protein intake like milkshake. Mid-day snacks can include berries, granola, almond butter and jam sandwiches, parfait etc.
Healthy Beverages
Avoid caffeine based beverages, especially soda. Ill effects of caffeine include dehydration, energy crashes etc. which can directly affect the kid’s performance.
Instead, you can take homemade lemonade, or diluted juice with sea salt and honey, or infused water with sea salt and honey etc. These are natural sports drinks. Avoid bottled sports drinks from the store.
Easily Digesting Food
Avoid fatty meats like beef or pepperoni since the digestion process is complex, and can cause gastric distress.
Again, opt for fruits, granola bars, pretzels and any easily digestible food.
Food allergies can land people in nasty situations, sometimes even life threatening condition. It would indeed be a good idea to contact team parents in advance and get a list of individual child’s allergy update. This information can be updated on InstaTeam for future reference.
Lastly, just let the common sense take over. Consider healthier options to junk food. Do not take messy food that is oozing sauces or will leave crumbs all over the place. Similarly, cakes and pastries with excessive cream, cheesy treats that have cheese dripping or food that comes with excessive packaging should be avoided. And yes, don’t forget a lavish supply of paper towels, hand sanitizers and extra garbage bags.



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