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Communication Strategy For Sports Clubs

For any organization, communication plays a vital role in its day-to-day operations and overall existence. Since sports clubs have three set of clients to deal with (parents, players and spectators), communication becomes even more imperative.
Sports clubs, like schools, hobby & skill classes, have to be savvy with their external coordination and communication, i.e. with parents and students, along-side having an immaculate communication system internally, i.e. within the organization. While external communication defines the perception or repute of the club, internal communication assures seamless execution of values and vision. In both the cases, the key is communication, and any organization looking at fulfilling their performance and financial goals, need to have a robust communication strategy.
Forming the Communication Strategy
In the digital era, a communication strategy has to be quintessentially be woven around the digital devices. Social media is another constituent that cannot be disregarded. The strenuous communication strategy integrates new age communication instruments and old-school brand values, making a holistic master plan that defines goals and actions for the brand.
External Communication
  • Website
This is where you start. Your website is your official facet for the world. Use it as a platform to represent and inform. It should consist of the all relevant information of the club, should be designed to represent the brand values of the club. Update it on a regular basis for the latest information like achievements, upcoming events etc.
In short, your website must say all you want to tell the world about your club.
  • Social Media
Whether you like it or not, social media presence, for any brand that wishes to communicate with the world, is indispensable. You need to have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts at the very least if not more. These are great platforms to share stories, action and achievements of the club. Social media is also one of the most prudent ways to engage with your audience.
While the engagement on social media is great, one needs to make a different strategy for different platforms. One size does not fit all. To understand how to engage on social media, read our blog that helps you understand different platforms and how to engage with each of them individually.
  • Emailers
Emailers are a great customer touch point. Create content that would be relevant and intriguing for your audience. While sending emailers will help with help get in touch, the quality of content can help with the engagement.
Internal Communication
  • InstaTeam
Internally, a sports club needs a dedicated platform that can keep coaches, staff, players and parents connected real time. InstaTeam does that and more. It cuts the clutter and helps provide precise and concise communication.
InstaTeam automates or digitalizes sports team management. From scheduling to rostering to helping parents with carpooling to sharing on social media, InstaTeam organizes it all in one single platform. The team gets reminders for upcoming events, coaches can send text messages, notifications and emails in one go. Be it marking attendance for an upcoming event or allocating tasks for parents (like arranging water, snacks etc.) or helping coaches with payments, or selling tickets and merchandise for an upcoming event, or even helping with fundraisers, InstaTeam is an absolute solution for all things team. 

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  1. Communication is the top requirement of any particular professional whether it is coach paper help expert or team mates, so sport increases opportunity if your communication is good. Thanks for sharing.