Thursday, 11 June 2020

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Your Ready Reckoner For InstaTeam Features

InstaTeam’s coherent team management features help manage teams effectively and efficiently by seamlessly connecting the team and automating essential team functions such as registrations communications, scheduling, payments and more. Here’s a list of all InstaTeam features to help you get more of your app.
·         Create Teams
Creating teams is very simple on InstaTeam. To create a team, open the InstaTeam app. Tap on the top right-hand-side corner that says ‘Add Teams’. Just add the relevant details like the team name, team type and tap on ‘Create Team’. Voila! Your team is created. The interesting part is that InstaTeam gives you the flexibility to create any team type, school sports team, sports club teams, hobby groups, exercise or biking groups, homework group and so on.
·         Extended Team
A team consists of team members (players), parents and others. The others category can include team followers, administrative staff, managerial staff and all others who need to stay connected with the team. Every time you create a message, you can choose who that message goes to – players only, parents only or the entire group.  
·         Team Roster
Team rosters are created as and when you create the team. All the information gets added and team roster is created automatically.
·         Schedules
All leagues, matches, events, fundraisers etc. can be easily scheduled on the app in just a few taps. The schedule is automatically added to the synced calendar, which takes care of appropriate reminders and due notifications. The minute a change is made in the schedule, the team gets automatic notifications so that they do not miss out on the new schedule. You can add details such as volunteer duty, refreshments and special notes to each event.
·         Calendar Import and Export
The InstaTeam calendar automatically syncs with your digital calendar, be it your google calendar or the calendar application on your smartphone or your desktop. This way all team events and other prior appointments/commitments get added to one single calendar saving you the trouble of maintaining and catching up on a number of calendar applications.
·         Signup Events
Coaches need to think way beyond just the game, especially if it involves children. InstaTeam application provides a convenient and systematic way of handling communication and coordination with regards to things around the game as well. For instance, signup events like drinks for the team, or sandwiches for the team or volunteering and helping around the stands, anywhere the parents can help.
·         Attendance Report
When an event is created, team members can mark their attendance. This is especially helpful for practice or games during holidays. This also helps reassure who all have received the communication and who all will be present for the event.



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