Sunday, 14 June 2020

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Post-Match on InstaTeam

Recording post-match data is an important practice. A good coach knows the importance of this data. Each game’s important information like man of the match, individual player ratings, match score, notes etc. helps produce complex team and player analysis reports which then enable coach to understand and focus on key areas. It also helps store memories for each game, helping the club build up on a digital profile.
Upload Media
InstaTeam enables users to store game photos and videos within the app. Users can also upload the photos and videos on your social media accounts directly from InstaTeam app.
Use this opportunity to build the club’s brand and also each individual players brand. Anything that has to go up on social media is digital footprint which will always be traced back to the club and the players. Put up pictures with captions that have names of the club and players mentioned, and a little description of the game the player played.
Here’s an example of how a team puts up captions/stories along with player photos:
Lucas Davis – Man of the match, man of the hour! Lucas, the centre-forward superstar of Westfield Blues, demonstrated exceptional offensive qualities today. Congratulations Lucas on playing a solid match.
A post like this repeated on different social media platforms, gives a wider presence to the player and the team. This in turn helps better search and SEO rankings for both as a brand – the team and the player.
Also, do upload some good pictures from during the match and after the match. Social media likes and shares make for excellent SEO. Individual player photos with a little brief about the match helps build to the digital profile of the club and the players.
Another important upload can be the match score. With this, some teams put the game’s highlights, lessons learned and notes.
With social media likes and shares, the digital profile gets a boost – a good way to augment your brand in the digital space.


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