Tuesday, 16 June 2020

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Listing Youth Sports Tournaments

This time of the year coaches are busy planning the upcoming season’s tournaments. However with Covid-19 things have been delayed. Nevertheless, athletic directors and coaches are planning carefully to get kids back in the game safely. If you have planned ahead for the season, created the event on InstaTeam, scheduled it, you need to list the tournament to make it known to the world. Or, if you are not registering your own tournament, you need to find the right one for your team. In both the scenarios, searching for the right tournament or platform for your own tournament is essential, the key being ‘search’.
If you are having trouble figuring where to list your tournament, here’s a little help. We’ve shortlisted the list of resources for listing your tournament.
To start you need to locate where other tournaments are listed. A Google search of the same would help. Your search will most likely land you either on focused tournaments for your kind of sport or on a general listing of tournaments or on a geography-specific listing of all the sports tournaments in your vicinity, town, state etc. Then there are sports body listings, sports clubs, national level youth sports organizations etc. that have their own tournaments, or provide listings for tournaments.
On searching the Internet
When searching the internet, ‘key words’ is your cue. Use the right keywords for optimum results. For instance, if you are looking for youth soccer tournaments in your state, use the keyword ‘youth soccer tournaments in Oklahoma City 2019’. If you are looking for tournaments sanctioned by some sports body, include the specific keyword or you can also directly go to their website and look for the listings. For instance, try the keyphrase – youth sports tournaments in ESPNWWOS in 2019 – will give you all the listings of IdeaSport Soccer Academy, The Ripken Experience at Walt Disney World Resort, Pop Warner Super Bowl and so on. Meanwhile, you can find the same information by visiting - https://www.espnwwos.com/events/.
Social Media Help
You would either need help with building PR around your tournament (to attract star teams), or around your team (to get selected for star events). In both the cases, you need good marketing to get attention.
Social media is a great place to make a shout and be heard too. Get creative with creating interesting social media campaigns, or appropriately incentivise ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ to get optimize exposure on social media.
InstaTeam Platform
With over fifteen thousand participating teams and 140,000 registered users, InstaTeam is a great platform for getting help with both, joining tournaments and getting teams for your tournament. It’s a great platform to connect with teams and collaborate, for events, tournaments or PR. You can also schedule local events for teams in the vicinity, like a friendly match, meeting for participating in tournament etc.



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