Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Published Wednesday, June 03, 2020 with 10 comments

Important Guidelines For Re-opening Youth Sports Club

The good news is that the country seems to be reopening, although in phases, but reopening. States have also started giving relaxation to youth sports clubs and teams; some states have definite dates defined, some states have tentative dates in place.
While all of this may sound exciting and a thing to rejoice, it is important that sports clubs follow strict procedures since there are children exposed to the risk of infection. We at InstaTeam have youth sports and young athletes at the core of our being, and would be glad to have your team playing, winning, leaning and InstaTeaming all the time, but urge you practice extreme caution while re-opening since safety comes first.
If your are re-opening, here’s a ready reckoner for safety guidelines to ensure safety and good health for all your teams.
·         Check the latest advisory/directive issued by the government of your state to ensure your zone is safe for reopening.
·         Have proper protection in place for staff and children who are exposed to higher risk of illness. For instance, in basketball ensure players’ hands are properly sanitized, ball is sanitized, court is sanitized both before and after the game. Similarly, sports like swimming might need extra caution and measures.
·         Screen staff and children upon arrival for symptoms. Have an everyday questionnaire that considers any history of exposure.
·         Ensure hygiene gear and practice as required are in place, like facemasks, sanitization of premises and busses, hand washing etc.
·         Encourage practicing social distancing through increased personal spacing, small groups, intervals between arrival and dispersal of two groups, avoiding intermingling of groups etc.
·         Train staff on health and safety measures and protocols.
·         Ensure sick/symptomatic kids/adults do not mingle with others and are properly taken care of till health care arrives. Have a detailed plan in place for such an eventuality while keeping in mind the sensitivity towards patients.
·         Have policies and procedures in place to keep local authorities informed of updates on such cases.
·         Be ready with a plan in case the number of cases in your facility/vicinity increase.
Play healthy. Play safe. And keep InstaTeaming!



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