Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Published Tuesday, June 23, 2020 with 2 comments

Accepting Card Payments at The Venue

According to a research over 80 percent of Americans pay with plastic money on a day-to-day basis. The more people get accustomed to online shopping, in-store shopping with contactless cards and digital wallets, the more they eschew cash. More so, with everything going mobile, the payments have also gone mobile. From food truckers to mega events, all need to be able to accept card and digital payments on site.
Understanding mobile payments
Mobile payments allow merchants/event organizers to accept credit card payments anywhere, anytime. Before this technology was introduced, sellers needed fixed terminals with hardwired internet connection to be able to process card payments. Thanks to technology, smartphones now have apps that allow accepting card payments at the point of sale be it a remote site, outdoor event, pop-up venues, or anywhere their business requires them to be.
Why mobile payments?
Simple answer – because your customers want it that way. Customers want to be able to make payments with card on the spot. Mobile payments are convenient, both for the customer and for the seller. The seller does not have the risk and inconvenience of handling cash and later accounting for it, and customers do not need to carry cash or their check-books to make payments. It helps reduce labour, time  and resources for the seller. Most importantly, the seller does not lose a sale because of inability to process on-spot card payment.
InstaTeam’s mobile payments
The InstaTeam point-of-sale application, accepting credit cards on the go has become a breeze. As attendees for a game or event  gather at the venue, the volunteers can accept card payments via the app and start send people in. With larger crowds, there can be several volunteers that accept and process payments, which also helps manage the crowd and avoid chaos at the point of entry. All that the volunteers need is a smartphone with the InstaTeam app. All payment processing, accounting for what number of tickets were sold and by who, and integrating all transactions, all of this is automatically handled by the app. Inventory details, such as how many seats are remaining etc. is also matched, and synchronized via InstaTeam app. Finally, all the payments are directly processed in the linked bank account, such that there’s no room for error. Once the ticket is sold and payment processed, customers get their receipt digitally.
All the credit card information is encrypted as it is swiped. Plus once the payment is processed, the card information is not stored with InstaTeam, not in the app, not in the cloud, nowhere. So, your customers need not worry about their financial information being taken, it is 100 percent secure.
InstaTeam does the heavy lifting for you so you can concentrate on what you do best, play!



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