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Training From Home – Take (Extra) Care

The coronaviruspandemic, lockdown and social distancing are relatively new terms but have become the norm of the day affecting billions of lives across the globe. In America, amongst other things, schools and organized sports shutdown has changed the face of youth sports training, at least for the while. Virtual training has become the new go-to system for keeping young athletes engaged, fit and in touch with their sports training.
At InstaTeam, we encourage schools, sports clubs and teams to use InstaTeam app’s live-streaming feature to train kids safely from the comfort of their homes. InstaTeam helps coaches and players connect, communicate and collaborate for training and team related activities. Parents, being a part of the team, can easily keep a tab on the activities of the team and can help encourage the child to take up the training seriously as a long gap can mean the child may not be fit to resume playing from where they left. Most importantly, at this testing time children can naturally be drawn to anxiety, fear, stress or even depression. Physical activity and team work-out can help bring in a positive break from isolation and help release the good hormones keeping any signs delusion on the bay.
While it’s a great way of connecting and staying fit, work out from home may not be as easy as it sounds. It needs extra discipline, extra commitment and extra care. Here are a few tips to help young athletes stay on the top of their game while they engage in training from home.
Make a routine and stick to it
Since there’s no commitment or time line to be followed, no place to go and do stuff, it is just natural for the child to slip into procrastination or lethargy. The idleness may seem good initially when the mind and body unwind and enjoy the break, after a while it may start to obsess the child. it’s important that children do not fall in the trap. The most important and effective way to overcome it is create a daily routine. A specific time to wake up, have breakfast, help around with chores, do physical training, study and leisure. Make a timetable that has something to look forward to, something to do every hour of the day.
Have breakfast and rest of the meals on time
When we talk about following a timetable, the most important part is having the meals on time. Since everybody is at home, we tend to get lazy, start our day late and usually end up missing breakfast or eating at odd times. Skipping meals or eating at random odd hours can disturb the body cycle which could affect health. At a time like this, when we need our immunity the most, it is very important to have wholesome healthy meals and on time.
Stay hydrated
Drinking water’ seems to be the solution of everything – well guess what? It is. Mostly yes. From immunity to staying active to having good digestion to enhanced metabolism, staying hydrated has its perks. Dehydration on the other hand causes a whole lot of problems including fatigue and attenuated functioning of vital organs. Staying hydrated is imperative for staying fit.
Getting exercise has advantages beyond the obvious physical fitness, it helps with mental and emotional health too. Exercise helps the body and mind get the essential activity they need. Working out with the team gives a sense of belonging, which is crucial at this time of social distancing.
Earn your leisure time
If you have a busy day, it feels good to take time off to relax. Plan your day in a way that there’s something to do the whole day through. That way the leisure time at the end of the day will feel like you deserve it.
Social distancing can be tough. But with a little planning and organizing, you can make the most of it. Sooner or later the lockdown and the pandemic will be over. But until it doesn’t, we need to use this time in a way that when it’s over, we don’t have to start all over again.
Stay healthy, stay safe.


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