Thursday, 14 May 2020

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Lockdown Survey and Feedback

 We believe your club is engaging in online training for your team. Since online training is new and nobody really prepared for it, it would be helpful if get a feedback from your team players.
You can use the InstaTeam App’s Team Survey feature to send across the survey. Here’s how you can create a survey –
·         Open the InstaTeam App
·         Tap on the “Inbox” tab
·         Tap on “Team Surveys” tab
·         Tap on the “+” sign to create a survey
Here’s a little help on the kind of questions you can put in the survey.
·         Are you feeling anxious about not being able to play?
·         Do you like online training?
·         Are the instructions easy to follow?
·         Would you be willing to have online training during Holidays when the lockdown is over?
·         Do you have access to proper equipment used in training at home?
·         Do you feel connected to the team during online sessions?
·         Would you like a one-on-one interaction with your coach?
·         Have you made goals, what you want to achieve from the online training?
·         If yes, do you feel you are being able to get there?
·         Have you discussed your goals with your coach?
·         How do you stay motivated?
·         What is the hardest part of staying away from your sport for so long?
·         Is there anything specific you are looking for in your training?
·         Give us your feedback about your online training.
These are just a few questions to get you started. Along the way you would have so much more to add. Apart from the obvious feedback, a survey is also a great engagement tool.


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