Tuesday, 26 May 2020

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Know Your App: InstaTeam’s Space Dedicated to Local Offers!

At InstaTeam we are committed to offering you something extra, something that helps and takes our offerings beyond the basic. In our ‘my offers’ section you can find dedicated offers for you from local businesses of your town. Save on everything from sports gear to fashion to eateries, the best that your local businesses have to offer.
 View all of our partner offers
From your interface on InstaTeam, you can view all offers that are relevant to you based on your location. Follow the following steps to get access to offers relevant to you.
Follow the following steps:
1.      Open the InstaTeam app.
2.      Tap on ‘More’ on the top right-hand-side corner of the screen.
As you tap more, a new screen appears. Scroll down the options and you will see ‘My Offers’.

Voila! You now have access to some of the most amazing discounts, deals and other offers you town currently has. The offers are digitally updated making sure you get only the latest and relevant offers.
Is there an offer that interests you? Find all the information you need:
·         Tap on the offer and you will get all the necessary information including name of the offers, name of the partner making that offer, some detail about what the offer includes, and of course the terms and conditions relating to the offer.
·         There would be a code that will validate the offer, use that code either instore or online depending on the nature of that offer.
Hope this helps. If there’s anything more that you would want to know or, if you wish to become one of our local partners, please email us on support@instateam.net. We would be more than glad to get in touch.


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