Wednesday, 13 May 2020

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Interesting Ways To Stay Connected During Social Distancing

Covid 19 has changed many things, your team connect doesn’t have to be one of them. While adhering to social distancing there is so much the team can still do together.
Here are some InstaTeam ways to stay connected.
You can throw up challenges to your team mates. 70 push-ups, 30 squats, time bound challenges, and so much more. Challenges are a great way to keep up the spirit and thrill of healthy competition and also help athletes stay fit.
This initiative should be taken up by the coach or captain of the team. Set up a time when the whole team comes together and follows the exercises through InstaTeam live streaming. The team training together has a whole deal of benefits. If for some reason the team does not train together, here are other ways of training and staying connected with your team.
·         Share your exercise routine with the team.
·         Share photos and videos of working out on InstaTeam media.
Covid 19, social distancing and containment has affected everyone, including athletes. All the action in an athletes life is all of a sudden missing. Athletes can suffer from anxiety issues, fear, worry, insecurity or even depression. It’s a good idea to talk about these things and encourage team members to share their thoughts too. Coaches must look at organizing such virtual support sessions to talk team players out of any emotional issues players might be experiencing. Communication can set a lot if things straight.
Motivational Messages
However cliché it may sound but motivational messages have their impact. They work. Hence the popularity. Apart from the obvious benefit of motivation, these messages are a good reason to touch base with the team. Decide the frequency of these messages based on how it works with the team. Overflooding these messages can dilute the essence and importance of the message. Motivational messages could include quotes, videos, images or podcasts.
Share recipes
A major part of staying fit is food. It’s important for athletes to train and sweat it daily; its equally important to eat healthy. Encourage the team members to share what they ate and share healthy recipes with them.


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