Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Published Tuesday, May 19, 2020 with 4 comments

Creative Ways To Boost Sports Club Revenue During Covid 19

The pandemic has forced all sports clubs and sports activities to shut down. This has not only affected the revenue stream for the sports clubs but has also has had adverse impact on young athletes.
To keep the morale boosted and players motivated, most clubs have moved to having online training and team-socializing sessions online on InstaTeam. While this is a great way to keep up positivity and team spirit for the team, sports clubs still have to have some viable financial backup or alternate revenue stream to support club operations. Given the fact that one cannot predict how long will this disaster keep affecting us, it becomes all the more important to have additional resources to support day-to-day operations.
If your youth sports club/health club/gym is facing this problem, here are a few alternate ways to boost revenue during lockdown.
Future Membership Discounts
The lockdown is not going to last forever. Even your clients know this. Offer discounts for future memberships for like three months from now, autumn, winter and so on. Closer the date, more the discount. The advance payment will provide some financial cushion during this hard time.
Lucrative Offers
Discounts is one thing, and giving a person an irresistible offer is another. For instance you can offer extended membership, or offer discount when someone brings in a referral, or provide crossfit training free with fitness training. Get creative and make combinations that are hard to resist for the clients.
Gift Certificate
Gift certificates are a great way to give a gift and still let the receiver decide what they want. Send communication to all your teams to let them know you are offering gift certificates with lucrative offers. Have a year-long validity on those certificates such that people can use them. If the  offers are tempting, there’ll be a considerable number of clients who would be sold to the idea of gift certificates for birthdays and other special occasions.
Equipment Renting
Your fitness equipment is sitting idle. There are two ways you can use it. First, you can offer it to existing members for free to help them workout online more effectively. This would be a welcome gesture during these testing times and a great way to garner customer loyalty. The second way is to actually rent out your fitness equipment to people working-out from home.



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