Wednesday, 13 May 2020

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Best Practices For Sports Club Billing

The revenue model of a sports club is entirely dependent on continual stream of player subscriptions which may sound plain and simple to begin with, but has its set of challenges. When a player joins in, they occupy a place at the beginning of the season, but if they drop out for whatever reason, there’s a void and defaulted payment. Then there’s chasing after fee payments and the dilemma of student scholarships etc.
InstaTeam’s payments feature makes a coach’s and admin’s life easier by automating the process. It send out automatic reminders for due fees, accepts payments and maintains records of payments. Here are some billing best practices that can inspire you to create a seamless billing experience for your clients.
·         InstaTeam app. allows users to make digital payments. Yet there will be some parents who would not be able to pay digitally for some reason. In such a case, admin may have to make manual entry to keep the records for each player updated.
·         One-to-one interaction for cash payments can have communication issues. Make sure you record the payment and receipt in writing. A good way to make a record of such transaction is my writing acknowledgement via email, confirmation via email etc. Just to be on the safer side, avoid text messages regarding cash payments, and communicate via email. With cheque, card and net banking payments, email is not really a requirement.
·         InstaTeam is technologically advanced to be able to deliver customized billing experience to each clients’ unique needs in a fast-paced. This feature can be used to create additional opportunities of engaging customers and boosting loyalty.
Remember communication is the key. For any payments related issue, or questions, please feel free to mail us your concern, and we will get in touch with you. You can write to us on and we’ll be in touch.


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