Thursday, 16 April 2020

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The Subtle Art of Attracting Sponsors for Your Youth Sports Team

With the Coronavirus scare and social distancing everything seems to have come to a halt, especially sports. Kids cannot come for practice, there are no games happening and definitely no events taking place. While this is not the best time for a youth sports club that would otherwise be buzzing with activity, it can be a good time to sit back and think, put on some marketing hats and work on a strategy for the club, or solve operational and administrative problems your club’s been facing.
If you have been struggling with getting sponsorships for your youth sports teams, here are some tips to help you elevate your offering and provide a compelling sponsorship package.
Step 1 – Define Your Offering
A great sponsorship package has a great offering. To get the details right, break down your offering further into categories –
  1. Visibility value – This defines the value that the sponsors would get. You could determine for how much money, you will give how much brand exposure. Jot down all the details like press releases, print advertisements, banners at the venue, visibility in marketing material, social media exposure etc.
  2. Target audience – Defining your target audience is a must. For instance, your team consists of nine-year-olds playing baseball, you can expect young parents to be the audience. If it’s a high school team, you’d be looking at a predominantly young crowd, alongside parents.
  3. Marketing – You must define all the places you are going to promote the events of the team, all the places the team will play matches and every single marketing detail. Are you going to promote the events on the local radio channel? The potential sponsor should have a clear picture of the visibility they’ll get.
Step 2 – Potential Sponsors
Put together a list of all the potential sponsors from your area. Create a value preposition for each one of them. Creating a value proposition would mean identifying their specific marketing needs and creating brand visibility around these needs. Work around the marketing wish-list of each potential sponsor, and create a compelling value preposition.
For instance, a specific potential sponsor may be interested in increasing local business, or would be looking for increasing visibility amongst a specific demographic, answer those concerns directly.
Step 3 – Create Yardsticks for Measuring Success
If someone has put in the money, it’s just natural that they want results. Define the metrics of measuring success. This can be tricky, but with technology you can do it. For instance, the exact increase in website traffic can be measured, social media response can be measured, email marketing can be measured etc. Then there’ll be increase in business, customer retention etc. which would be difficult for you as an outsider of the business to measure. But you can put together a customer feedback for getting an insight into some of that.
The InstaTeam Advantage
All of this information put together can provide a compelling sponsorship package. InstaTeam app has the options to provide customized offers to team app users. This can be a very lucrative offering for a business that gets direct access to people’s smart phones without spending a fortune. InstaTeam also has the option to promote local business, which again is a great way of getting the benefit of mobile marketing without burning your pockets. If you want to add this offering to your value preposition, please get in touch with us, we would be more than happy to assist you. Email us on –



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