Monday, 27 April 2020

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Managing Teams In The Wake of Pandemic

With the Coronavirus pandemic shutting down practically everything around the globe, everyone’s affected. Youth sports clubs have been looking forward to practices and games being resumed, which is extremely uncertain as of now. There are parents who’ve paid sports clubs for coaching their child, with no coaching happening, they are anxious about their fees. A worse nightmare for sports clubs is when it comes to new registrations – do they accept new registrations? And if they don’t, would they have mid-season registrations at all? How do youth sports club survive the lockdown?
These are difficult questions. And working out a solution may require you to consider a number of factors. The answer may not be same for every club. Here are a few ways clubs can deal with the uncertainty.
Online Training
Lockdown or no lockdown, kids need their exercise every day. In fact, during this fight with the virus, immunity is all the more important. Parents may not be able to conduct physical training for the child on a regular basis. That is where the club becomes important. Coordinate with the team players and parents on InstaTeam. Fix up a daily time and coaches can conduct online physical training sessions for the team.
New Registrations
Your club can decide to open up new registrations, but this might not have a lot of takers. The economy is affected, people are already facing the fear of salary cuts or mass layoffs. This is not the best time to make money. But if you do find takers for registrations, you can choose to have a part of the registration fee now, and rest later when the lockdown opens up. You can also offer parents to pay in instalments. But you might want to check up with the authorities as to how does it work out in your state. Another good practice for new registrations will be to offer them discount, and take registrations towards future training.
All said and done, some parents would want refunds. You need the money for your overhead costs, but you can let go of the profit. Explain the situation to parents and offer partial refunds. You are not alone in this situation of financial crisis, people will understand. And if you do come across someone whose situation is dire straits, like they’ve been laid off or something, you might want to consider that as an exception and deal with the case as appropriate.
To keep the club running, you need funds. If you offer refunds, you may find it difficult to carry on. Be transparent and ask for help. There will be parents, members of the community or even corporates that would be willing to give donations.