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Keeping Young Athletes Occupied During Social Distancing

It’s not just about the cancelling of sports events, or disappointment of sports fans, but it is also about the skills and life style of the young athlete that’s affected due to social distancing, and in some cases lockdown.
When athletes are groomed for sports, they undergo a certain routine, a manner that brings in method and discipline in their approach to the sport and to anything in life. they are taught to believe in the team as a family. They eat healthy, stay fit and don’t just believe in team spirit, but live by it. Sports is not just a part of their life, but their complete lifestyle. And now, because of the virus when youth athletes are asked to give up on all of that, it’s huge ask. There will be emotional and psychological repercussions to this, but worse, their sports lifestyle and sports skills may backslide. Coaches may have to start all over again.
That would be a nightmare.
Fortunately, athletic directors, CEOs of sports clubs and coaches of youth sports teams have been deliberating about it. Here are a few expert tips to keep youth athletes constructively occupied during these testing times.
Work on the game skill
Before the game is played on the field, it is strategized on the board. Work on game strategy with your team. Teach them all about planning the game, choosing moves, defending, attacking covering for your team, and all the theory about the game that you’ve always wanted to tell, but never got the time off practice. There are resources available on the internet, sports manuals that can help you organize your lessons. When you start compiling your lessons, you will realize there’s so much you can do in theory as well.
Conduct regular training sessions
To break the monotonous tone of theory lectures, keep regular physical training sessions. You can conduct these sessions during a scheduled time wherein you can live stream physical training session on the InstaTeam app for the entire team. This will help the team on many levels, including keeping the team connect in place, physical fitness of the team players and keeping their spirits high with the workout.
Support the athletes
All said, this is a stressful time. There may be occasions on which the athletes may need counselling or emotional support. Look out for signs of depression or disinterest. Have sessions with parents to make them aware of spotting signs of mental or emotional distress. Talk to the athletes. Reassure them of your support. Tell them it’s okay to feel sad, lonely or distressed and they should talk to a trusted adult if they feel any of it.
Keep them engaged
Give them tasks, send motivational quotes, conduct training; find creative ways to keep them engaged. If not anything else, ask them to work on social media campaigns to promote the club. Although, coming up with intriguing stuff to keep athletes engaged every single time can be a challenge, but isn’t that what sports is all about?
Encourage team-time
Training sessions, live streaming, social media uploads, InstaTeaming; encourage the team to stay connected. The team connect, amongst all things, is one of the most important aspects of sports. The team connect has to live. Make it live.


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