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Communication During Crisis

Sports clubs don’t prepare or plan for situations like the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing. Nobody does. But we are stuck in this situation, not for good. People are scared, it’s a social quandary out there. The last thing you need in a situation like this is miscommunication.
The problem is that with social media, there is no tab on communication and miscommunication. Misleading messages, quack recipes of antidotes, and what not. As the athletic director, or the coach of the team who wants the best for their team, you wouldn’t want your team to fall in trap of spurious information, or get caught in an emotionally stifling state.
At InstaTeam, we understand the value of right communication and team connection. If you’ve been deliberating about a communication strategy for your team, here’s some help.
Choose leaders
The first step is to choose people who will take control of the communication within a team. For each team choose a captain, preferably a player. If the team consists of players less than 14 years of age, you can choose one of the parents. There will be loads of coordinating required. For instance if you have decided on virtual physical training alongside some game-strategy classes that you want to hold, you’ll need the team captain to communicate and coordinate with the team for the same.
Make ground rules
The team players, captains or parents, no one should be allowed to send out any information on the pandemic until that comes from the coach or athletic director of the club. Period.
Be proactive
Think of all the issues worrying parents and players, send messages answering those specific concerns before you are asked about them. For instance, parents would want to know how does the fees work, while there is no field practice, or players might want to know if just a few games are cancelled or the whole season is? Make official communication about these things at the earliest, since uncertainty creates unrest.
Create your FAQs
There would be so many things people might want to ask. It would be best to prepare a list of FAQs and put it up on the club/school website. Share the link with the team.
Offer help or link to resources that help
It is a difficult time. People are going to need help. Offer talk sessions for the team where everyone can talk about how they are feeling. If you find someone in distress, offer help. There are councillors who are dedicatedly handling cases of mental and emotional distress caused by the pandemic. There are helpline numbers for each state, ask team members to reach out.
Trust InstaTeam
InstaTeam’s notifications feature is the perfect way to communicate, especially during this kind of a situation. With a two way messenger, people fall in the trap of unnecessary arbitrary discussions that lead to nothing and the real message is lost. With InstaTeam, you can live stream coach messages, important information from the authorities etc.
If you are looking for any assistance with your communication plan, do contact us, we’d be happy to help. Email us –



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