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Youth Sports – Food And Game Day

It’s game day. Your child is excited. The day is going to be very demanding – both physically and emotionally. While the coach will take care of the pep talk, game strategy and planning, you as the parent are anxious and keen to help. Let the coach deal with game skills and strategy, any more advise from you might interfere with what the coach has planned and directed. The one thing that you can really help with is nutrition. The right food can help the child get the necessary energy, keep the child physically and emotionally active, and can also help keep up the performance.
Here’s a good game day nutrition plan. However, for specifics you should get in touch with a sports nutritionist or a diet consultant.
Pre-Game Breakfast
The time interval between the breakfast and the game should ideally be between 3-4 hours. Plan your day accordingly. The pre-game breakfast should have some fresh fruits, juice or skimmed milk, eggs and some carbs in form of bread or potatoes. The nutrition should be balanced in a way that provides required fuel to the body and mind.
During the Game
During the game it’s important to stay hydrated. Since body loses its hydration as the child seats, the water and minerals in the body need to be replenished. But the intake of water or other hydrant should be in small quantities, 2-4 sips at a time, and in short intervals. Add some lemon juice and a slice of lime to lukewarm water, add some sugar and salt, and keep in a flask that will maintain the temperature. Take this drink 1-2 sips at a time in short intervals. This is all natural sports drink full of home-made goodness. This will work better than the expensive sports drinks available in the market.
After the game, the kids would be hungry, tired and drained. A rush of natural sugar will do good at this point. Serve some fresh fruit, low fat yogurt, fruit sorbet or smoothies.
Post-Game Dinner
Post-game dinner is important. The muscles that have been through wear and tear during the game need to heal. The body needs to replenish the lost energy and muscle during the game. hence the dinner should include a healthy and hearty portion of nutrition of to help body get the minerals and vitamins it needs to replenish. The meal should include whole grains, protein, dairy, fruit and vegetables. Whole grains can be in form of wheat bread or wheat pasta with vegetables and low fat cheese and tomato sauce. Or if you are not including the vegetables in the pasta, have some greens or a salad in the side. To complete the meal have a dessert with fruit, like apple pie , yogurt parfait or fruits and yogurt trifle.
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