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Tips To Save Time And Make The Most Of Your Sports Management Experience

Are you a manager or a volunteer busy running the show around a sports club? Here are some handy tips that will help you save time, keep you better organized, reduce stress and get others to get involved and help out too.
Planning is the key
Before you get in the day to day grind of sports club routine, take out some time to sit and plan. Write down your expectations from the season. Break the overall objective into small objective by asking ‘how’ at every step. For instance you plan to have a ‘successful season’, ask yourself how will this happen. Break it down to minimum number of wins required per team, then number of new enrollments required, then training specifics, games, practice all of that can be defined.
Block time for volunteering
Since you are volunteering, it is possible that you have a day job, and your personal/family time. There’s a fair chance you’ll always be pressed for time. Before you get into making a schedule for your club, make one for yourself. Block out the time for sports management, and don’t let anything else get in this time slot. Only when you make a strict routine, will you be able to effectively manage things both personally and professionally.
The ultimate time saver is having someone help with a task. Make a list of things that you are okay to delegate. Give necessary training/instructions, and use the saved time to concentrate on critical tasks at hand.
Get InstaTeam
This is the age of automation and if you don’t have an app working for you, helping you, sorting your tasks, simplifying your work for you, you are missing out. InstaTeam is a sports management app specifically designed for coaches/admins/managers to help them organize, automate and simplify team management tasks. Use the InstaTeam app to:
  • Create rosters
  • Create digital records of players
  • Schedule the season
  • Put fees information
  • Send notifications
  • Schedule events in calendars including games, practices, important meetings, meeting follow-ups etc.
  • Encourage parents to use InstaTeam for any team/game related communication
  • Store team media including pictures, videos etc.
Using InstaTeam app for communication helps reduce communication errors, misunderstandings and unnecessary chain mails. You’d be surprised as t how much energy and time this would save.
Staying organized is not as tough as it may seem initially. In fact, if you get the InstaTeam app, the task’s a breeze. Download the app now if you haven’t already, and get ready for a more efficient and productive way of team management.



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