Wednesday, 4 March 2020

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The Hidden Power of Team Parents

Did you ever realize that team parents can be your brand ambassadors representing your sports club and the sources of free advice? Each parent has untapped potential for the benefit of your club, a power that can help your club on many levels. To keep this power up and running, you must treat team parents like they matter. Here are a few tips:

Welcome Suggestions

Most of the time, especially for coaches, suggestions from parents may seem like unnecessary interference you’d rather avoid. But if you find a way to respect suggestions from parents, you’ll be surprised how most of it will actually help better the training or facility. You can encourage parents to send suggestions via the InstaTeam app as a text message to the coach/admin, or put up the good old suggestion box. It’s important that note each suggestion, thank the parent for their suggestion and share how the suggestion was incorporated in your process/facility/training. If for some reason you could not use the suggestion, make sure you thank the parent and let them know why it was difficult incorporating their suggestion. You will be surprised what magic listening does.

Social Media Shout-outs

The social spotlight does wonders to people. Appreciate people for being cooperative, helping, volunteers, or in whatever way the parent got involved with the team. The fact that they take time out from their busy schedules to be around for the team, in whatever possible way is a tremendous effort in itself. Acknowledge and appreciate that fact, and shout about it on social media. Everybody loves being a hero.

Value Feedback

Feedbacks are not meant to downgrade your training or point fingers, they actually help getting in a new perspective. Work around that idea. Like with suggestions, thank parents who give you feedback. Keep them in the if you are implementing the feedback, and let them know with reason if you aren’t. Listen and acknowledge.

Keep Them Engaged

Every once in a while, call for parent meetings. Depending on how busy or available your group of parents is, you can organize fun events like parents’ sports day or biking trip with parents. The key is making the parents feel belonged, heard and giving them enough reasons to make ‘social media worthy’ moments. If they share these moments on their social media, you know you have brand ambassadors.

While it may require meticulous planning and may take up your time, but once you have their morale built up on positive vibes, you will know it’s been totally worth it.



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