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Staying Relevant With Notifications

It’s past the digital era now, it’s the screen era. People are glued to their screens, most of the work is dependent on screens and almost all the communication has gone to the screens. Work or no work, people are glued to their screens. If you wish to engage your players or their parents, you need to be where they can easily find you – on their screens.

Texting has become a very important form of communication lately. InstaTeam helps your club utilize text messaging in the form of instant notifications, which helps engage parents and stay relevant.

Have you been taking advantage of push-notifications for your club? If you still haven’t utilized the power of push notifications on InstaTeam, here are some benefits that should motivate you to.

Instant Communication

Sudden change in venue? Cancelled game? Last minute requirement? An injury? All these are things we don’t usually plan for, but they happen. And when such a thing happens, you as the coach, or admin, or manager, would want to manage the situation, rather than sit and make phone calls to inform people. InstaTeam gives you the power of push notifications which will take care of the communication part in just a few taps. Even better, if you make a change in the schedule, the communication will reach the entire team as automatic notification.

Get The Power of Automatic

InstaTeam app utilizes the power of texting in two forms – push notifications & automatic reminders. Your life as the team coach or team admin becomes so much easier when you team parents are automatically notified of what needs to be told to them. Just make these simple settings to create automatic reminders for situations like:

  • Change in event (date/ time)
  • Change in venue
  • Due date of club fees
  • Overdue club fees
  • Team-members’ birthdays
  • Promotional/ campaigns/promotional notifications

Staying Relevant

Usually parents will be connected to you during the season since there’ll be practices, games and a lot going on. But during breaks, it is equally important for you to stay relevant. The club should be on top of the parents minds even when their child is not going to the game regularly. You can keep sending text messages that have exercise routines for kids during breaks, nutrition tips for summer (if it’s a summer break they’re on), Holiday food Dos and Don’ts (during holidays), simple tips to balance sports life with academic life, and more.

The catch is – the texts should be short, sweet and not annoyingly frequent. The messages should lead to a link for more information, which you could link to either your website or your social media. This will give you traffic advantage, which will help the club’s marketing.

Higher Engagement

Notifications get immediate attention. Comparing that to emailers that are unread, or phone calls that are unanswered, or flyers that are thrown away, notifications are read even unintentionally at times. The key to making your content getting noticed is staying short, crisp and intriguing, such that team parents follow the link for more.



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