Wednesday, 11 March 2020

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InstaTeam’s ‘Payments’ Feature

InstaTeam’s ‘Payments’ feature makes accepting payments easy and swift for your club, while giving your customers the convenience of an app. It helps your customers to make payments easily, syncs and credits the same to your account swiftly and, instantly updates the payment information on the app, such that you know who’s paid and who hasn’t.
InstaTeam’s payment feature can provide customers with round the clock accessibility to their accounts, which also means the benefit of payments being availed processed during non-office hours. InstaTeam’s payment feature allows more flexibility for sports clubs and teams to utilize options such as automatic recurring payments to ensure customers are prompt on paying scheduled fees. InstaTeam also has diverse and well-equipped program that allows clubs to deliver a personalized digital billing experience to our clients that accommodates to their customers’ needs in a fast-paced digitally ran space.
Sports clubs utilizing e-billing provide not only a user-friendly alternative to their customers but also have the added satisfaction of knowing their paperless billing is an eco-friendly solution. A great option to help streamline the club’s billing and help the environment at the same time is by capitalizing on the opportunity to send digital bills or even better, notifications and alerts.
We understand it is indeed important that communication between both the club admin and their customers is quick and easy access. InstaTeam’s features can send instant acknowledgement of fee payment, the instant personalized way to reach out to customers is another long stride towards facilitating on-time payments in the youth-sports industry.
Data indicates that over the past ten years, people are becoming increasingly inclined towards sports and fitness, shelling out thousands of dollars to cover on their child’s athletic training, which of course, correlates with the increasing number of youth sports clubs receiving truant or outright missing payments. Digital-payments is the way to go. But the payment gateways and other legalities makes this tough for smaller clubs or single teams. InstaTeam’s app brings to the professionalism and accountability of sophisticated digital payment system, without you having to shell out extra bucks or hidden fees.



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