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How To Sell Your Team Merchandise Online

We all love team merchandise. Be it a last-minute jersey before Friday’s football game, a team sweatshirt for Father’s Day, or a tee for their mom at the early morning marathon meet – team monogrammed stuff is cool. Plus, the earnings that merchandise brings can help get extra earnings for the team which can come handy at so many places.
Even when the whole merchandise thing is so obvious, actually selling the merchandise can be a handful. But this is the digital era, and perhaps one of the best times to sell. Read on to see how you can set up a digital shop for your team merchandise and earn big with it too. Here are a few options how you can do it.
Add eCommerce To Your School’s Website
Good news is that if this is an unknown territory for your sports club, adding an eCommerce function to the club’s website is actually simple. Most website platforms have the built-in feature that allows adding up eCommerce later at any point you may wish to. The feature has the full functionality of eCommerce with features allowing you to add products, accept payments and track sales. If, for some reason your service provider does not have the flexibility and scalability option, there are tech companies who can easily provide this add-on feature with your existing website.
Once you have your eCommerce up and running, it is time to spread the word. It’s time to leverage the digital age marketing tools. Create social media campaigns. Create Instagram stories. Get the team players to share it on their social media accounts. You can also get professional emailers designed, and given the fact that you send these emails out from your team’s side, parents are more likely to read it.
InstaTeam already has it!
Why reinvent the wheel? InstaTeam app already has the feature that allows selling within the app. This can be from game tickets to parking passes to team merchandise, all of it. In fact, with InstaTeam, you can also look at getting the ecommerce feature amplified if you wish so. The app can be customized to suit your sports club’s specific requirement.
Even if this sounds a little cliché, times really are changing and times are changing fast. To stay relevant, one just has to keep pace. So if you still haven’t worked on digital shop for your merchandise, it about time you do now.


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