Friday, 13 March 2020

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Event Ideas To Increase Your Sports Club Business

Events are a fun way to attract people, spread the word and increase memberships. The best part is that the community is involved in the event, it’s not one-sided communication. And with the bonus of social media, there’s a fair chance your customers will do the talking for you if they genuinely enjoy the event. Everyone loves a good social moment, and they love to share it too.
If you are wondering where to start, we have listed below a host of events to get your party started and keep it going!
Grand Try-Out
Is it try-out season for you? Great! Make it huge. Create social-media posts, let everyone know when and where are the try-outs happening. Get jerseys printed, caps monogramed and get a professional look for all staff, coaches, admins and managers involved in the try-outs. Have some tetra-packs of healthy juices served to players attempting try-outs. For all you know this might be the start of a healthy business relationship. Have some membership offers for those who join, some giveaways for all who enter the try-out.
Fun shouldn’t be limited to try-outs. Bring the party on for the anniversary too. Give membership discounts to kids showing exceptional talent. Offer free demos, door prizes, swag bags and so much more. Focus on communicating your achievements in short, for instance number of years in business, selections in league teams, college scholarships, success stories, etc.
Contests and Challenges
Before you think of contests and challenges, remember you must have a strong social media presence. Once you have the presence, get some challenges going. Fun contests not only help grab attention, but also get current and potential members engaged. While some of the challenges can be on game skills like athletic skills, others can focus on soft-skills like best-buddy challenge, or healthy-eater challenge. A Detroit based youth sports club had a youngest-champ challenge in which participants had to upload their childhood pic with a baseball bat on the clubs FB page. The child who would be the youngest with the baseball bat, won. Both the contests and the pic went viral.
Parents’ Sports Day
As a youth-sports club you might be coaching little kids, but your real customers are the parents. It’s important to keep them engaged. But before you schedule this event, it would be a good idea to take an opinion from the parents asking if they are available, and if yes when. The catch with this event is, that it has to be fun for the parents too. Be sure the event is not eating into people’s long weekend, or an important Holiday, or worse, it’s scheduled on a weekday. If this event is imposed, it would rather do more harm than good.
Bike Rally
Get all the sports teams of the club together at least once a year for bike rally. Make proper arrangements with start point and end point. Also arrange for midway coolers, hydrants and refreshers. Have jerseys designed for all the participants with your club logo printed. At the end point serve some healthy refreshments and take advantage of the time and space people are with you. Have banners displaying your club’s highlights, achievements etc. But remember to do it subtle and classy, don’t overdo it. Over-the-top marketing may just sound like adding to the marketing noise around, and it may be a put-off. Remember, balance is the key.
Neighbourhood Tournament
Invite other teams from different sports clubs around to participate in the tournament for fun and friendly matches. This will give you a wide platform to show your club’s benefits. It will also provide great exposure to your own club’s teams.
Club Barbeque
Barbeque is a great idea since it’s just an evening’s commitment which is not like asking for a lot from the parents, and the team bonding along with parents and club coaches, admins and staff is a great idea. Any good team has the coaches and parents on the same side of the table and not opposing each other. Besides, it’s a great social-media moment.
Club Camping
You can take team players for a team camp during their sports break. This will be a great way to keep players engaged even during the break, will be special bonding platform for the team and will also be an awesome social-media feed.
Sports clubs are not new to fundraisers. Use the InstaTeam app to plan, execute and manage the fundraiser event.
For all the above mentioned events, you can plan and schedule the event on the InstaTeam app. InstaTeam’s automatic reminders and notifications will keep all participants, members and staff on top of the game, and the media including photos and videos, can easily be shared on all your social media accounts.



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