Wednesday, 25 March 2020

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Covid 19 - Home-Workout Drill For Young Athletes

Covid 19 may have restricted our children’s lives to homes, closed the outside world, and stopped game practice completely, but it cannot dampen their spirits. In fact, now more than ever, staying active and staying spirited is important.
A good workout will help get over anxiety and also strengthen immunity, which is very important to fight the virus. Here are some resources that will help you choose the right work-out routine for your child. There are various different schedules and methods mentioned in these websites; a good idea would be to verify the exercise schedule with the coach. Also, it is very important to stay connected during this difficult time of social distancing, so as you and your kid do their daily exercises, upload pictures and videos with your team on InstaTeam. This will encourage other players from the team to start a healthy exercise themselves, and will also keep their spirits up. Here’s to a heathy and happy team – cheers!
This website has strength training drills for young athletes. They also have game specific training to improve on game skills.
Erica Suter
This article by Erica Suter has general strength building exercises that youth athletes must know irrespective of the sport they play. The article also focuses on right and wrong postures for the exercises, which is very helpful.
Break Through Basketball
As the name suggests, this website is focused on basketball players. They have workout drills for kids aged 7-14. The drills are organized by category, with each category focusing on a game skill. Interesting read.
Although YMCA has a host of resources for youth sports athletes, this particular article has detailed exercise information for athletes playing Tee Ball. It’s a 18-page detailed document containing everything you should know.
Coach Brian
Hear it from the horse’s mouth. Coach Brian, a youth sports coach tells exercises good for kids, athletes or non-athletes. Most of these exercises can be done in your backyard.
Sports Engine Community
Sports Engine Community has resources for youth sports from across the internet. This could be a good place to explore some of the best information articles on your specific sport.
These are some of the resources. The internet is full of information that can be helpful. But since This is about physical training that will directly affect your child’s physical and emotional well-being, it is always a good idea to check with the coach before you finalize a plan. And yes, once you have the workout drill figured out and okayed by coach, don’t forget to share it on InstaTeam.



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