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After-School Routine – Tips For Sports Parents And Players

For all the parents who are running around managing everything in the house, at work and the determination to provide all the exposure you can to your child such that they lead happy and successful lives, we understand how difficult it can be. Typically after school there’s homework, housework, snacks, extra-curricular activities/hobby classes, sports, dinner, bath and bedtime. After having done all this, there’s hardly any time and energy left; parents and children are drained alike. If this is true for you, read on, some of these tips may come in handy.
Family Calendar
Danielle, a sports mom in Minnesota, created a family team on InstaTeam. The benefit – she scheduled all planned family events for the whole year on the team calendar. Every there there’s a new event, like a party invite or a game practice or parents visiting etc., as soon as the event is scheduled on the calendar, the whole team (family) comes to know about it through notifications. If the event is overlapping a already scheduled event, the InstaTeam app instantly shows the overlapping. Danielle’s team works beautifully with InstaTeam, they are able to juggle beautifully with no incidences of forgotten events, missed practices or miscommunication.
Create A Meal Plan for the Month
When there’s a lot on your plate and mostly you are running around, the first thing that is usually compromised id the food. Overwhelmed with work, you will soon find yourself falling into the fast food rut, which will be a setback for your and your family’s health. Then follows lowered immunity, increased risk of infections, sick days, doctors and medicines, which puts a pause on all your constructive hard work. If you create a meal plan for the entire month which has details of all the meals and snacks for each day of the week, and keep food prep in the freezer for the entire week, your life will be so much easier. The internet is full of food ideas that can be prepared and stored in the freezer. Slow cooker casseroles or broths are healthy, warm, fresh and great for family dinner bonding.
A routine is important. Insist on everyone in the family having a routine. For instance, as soon as kids come back from the school, they must complete their homework, pack next day’s lunch in advance, and have their snack. This way you won’t waste time when you are back from work, you don’t have to worry about all this, you can take kids to the classes or practice, where-in you can finish off the spill-over from work while the kids are in the class. Create a routine that works best for you and your family, insist everyone sticks to it. Any deviation from the routine, let the family be notified on the InstaTeam app. This also helps instill discipline in children, which is one of the most important of life skills.
Not every event may need to be attended to, you would need to prioritize . You would also have to learn to say no to things that are not important. Your priorities will depend on the activity, its importance and relevance in your lives and future, and finally how emotionally attached you might be.



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  5. Few people know about the importance of the daily routine. The schedule helps the student to do more, fosters consistency, willpower, hard work. Therefore, I believe that this is all necessary and do not forget about it. My friends who have their own daily routine would also agree with me.

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