Thursday, 6 February 2020

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The Secret to a Healthy Youth Sports Club

You have a thriving sports club. Your coaches are happy and passionate about what they are doing. Your players love to train with you, give in their 100 percent, are motivated and charged about playing. The players’ parents love your club, are keen on cooperating and volunteering and are your brand ambassadors. The leaders and owners of the club are delighted at both the sports performance and the financial performance of the club. Perfect, right?

That’s where all the clubs want to go. And you know what’s the secret of getting there? It’s simple, actually it isn’t even a secret, it’s more like common sense, the uncommon one though. Here are the key elements of a perfect youth sports club:

Sports Performance

The heart of your club is sports. The first and foremost thing is sports excellence. The performance of kids and the results reflecting good performance are utterly important. A whole lot of work goes into this, planning, training, motivation and due rest for players and coaches.


Here are three most important things for sports performance – training, training, training. One important aspect of youth sports training is attitude conditioning. With the wrong attitude even a well skilled team won’t go far. A successful sports-club needs players who are talented, disciplined, positive and receptive. All of this is possible with good training.

The Happiness Quotient

Not just a sports club, but any place that aims at being successful, has to be happy. Big corporate giants have started working towards their happiness quotient since that essentially is the key to success in this age of multiple stress levels. Keeping a positive atmosphere, being receptive in listening to parents and players, treating coaches well, giving them due offs to unwind and of course, paying them well, celebrating victories but not admonishing on loses, these are just a few ways clubs can work on their happiness quotient.

Quality Equipment

Cost savings is a great way to give a boost to your bottom line, but saving on equipment is not what would help. Apart from the obvious benefit of quality training, good quality equipment also puts faith in the parents’ and players’ mind that you are serious about the training. A well-maintained training facility does the same.

And yes, InstaTeam!

When managing the day-to-day work of team life becomes a breeze, thank your sports-team-management app, InstaTeam. InstaTeam helps save time on mundane team management tasks, simplifies communication and contributes to your club’s success.

So, if you haven’t already, come join us, we are keen on contributing to your success.


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