Sunday, 9 February 2020

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Sports Exposure – Meetings Between Member Teams of the Club

Friendly matches, meetings, inter-team competitions etc. between different teams from the same club are very popular, and there’s a good reason why, actually more than just one good reason. If you aren’t already doing it, you should start the practice. Here’s how it will benefit your club:

Enhanced Exposure

Kids practicing with their teammates is great but their practice and exposure is limited to that many players, hence that many styles of playing. But when the team gets to practice with other players, the exposure and experience, both are enhanced. The players get to learn more and better their game.

Sense of Belongingness

When the teams come together, the gathering is grander and kids can meet senior players who have performed. Not only will it be a great learning opportunity, the excitement and enthusiasm will create a sense of belonging and pride for the children. This will benefit the club on many levels.

Simulate Competitivity

Players get to face competition at different levels, which helps them understand the game at different levels and explore skills and tact for different stratum.

Assessing Player Levels 

A player might be the best performer in his own team but when faced with competition outside, how well they perform would be the real test of their skills, talent and tact. Here coaches and identify players who are ready to play a notch up.


This can be a great platform for recognition of good talent. You can give them awards and opportunities they deserve.

 Fund Raising

You can also use this platform for fund raising. Make a tournament of the matches, sell tickets, merchandise and eatables. While you can donate the money for a good cause, the whole event will bring in good publicity for the club. You can use the Fundraiser Event or ‘Ticket Event option to create an event in the InstaTeamApp to make the whole process of selling tickets and collecting money smooth and simple.



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