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InstaTeam And Club Promotion

As a sports club, you are keen on sharing your extraordinary achievement, an honorary title or a rave review. And, why not? It’s a special credit and is more than just worth remembering, it’s marketing content and needs to be part of a promotion strategy that aims at making such content reach far and wise, and lasts longer.

If you are keen on promoting your club, here are a few tips that could come in handy:

Showcase Success

As a sports club your success is reflected by the success of your athletes. That is the kind of data that would work more than showing latest training equipment or an impressive facility. Make graphs or put pictures of athletes that succeeded, made it to big league teams, made it through college or are playing pro. They are your measure of success and that is what should be highlighted in your promotion.

Think and Plan Your Social Media Posts

Don’t just post on social media because you must. Information overload is a serious put off for someone who has signed up for knowing club’s achievements and relevant information. The key is to understand that if the post is interesting enough. Think of it as infotainment, information that entertains, entertainment comprising of serious sports wins too. Take your sport seriously, and entertainment seriously.

Build up

Create surprises or intriguing stories with taglines like – “you won’t believe this” or “this little athlete will surprise you”, or something that can grab attention. But when you build up to the suspense, live up to it. Create intriguing stories only when the content is worth it, else it will directly reflect on your number of followers. Never overstate in your tag line because that is a serious put off. You can also create short tease campaigns. For instance, you are about to put up the league schedule, just a few hours prior to putting that up, you can create a tease post to keep your audience engaged. You can also create fun contests with free giveaways, to keep the level of engagement high. You can post pics from the dressing room or fun during break or videos about the team enjoying together. People love pictures and videos, especially the ones that are different from the usual stuff.

Post On A Variety of Social Media Accounts

As a sports club your main audience/ potential customers are in school. You need to be the preferred choice of the players and their parents both. Make a two-fold strategy to be able to appeal the younger and older audience both. You should post on a variety of social media accounts to be able to connect with different audience at the same time. Sharing self-promotional and marketing content across your different social media account platforms is a necessity but it’s equally important to alter content to fit in that particular platform. For instance, pictures on Instagram have dynamic and interesting angles whereas pictures on Facebook have a rather traditional ‘photo album’ appearance. Tailor-designing the content and it’s presentation to your social media accounts will create the required impact for varying platform audiences.


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