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From Summer Camp To Sports Club

This is the era of information overload and marketing noise. Companies have to come up with innovative ways to make a place in the market. And the best part is, the crazier it gets out there, the interesting it gets, the battle for their piece of pie in the market-share. In one such example this Detroit based youth sports club tied up with a camping club to make sports a part of kids’ summer camp. Both the clubs gained out of the exercise, and so did the kids.

Here’s how the sports club kept in touch and got additional registrations not just from the camp, but from referrals too.

Newsletters & Infomercial Emails

Once the sports club had the relevant contact information, they decided to use it. they sent regular emails and newsletters. The catch here is though, you just have to know the right amount of information and the intervals at which you want to send the emails. One of the biggest problems people face today is information overload. You need to know exactly when your email jumps from being information to the other side and becomes overload. Send them informative emails wherein you talk about some information that would be of interest to parents. Don’t make it sound like an advertisement. If you make it an interesting piece of relevant information, chances are you’ve already got their attention.

Push Notifications

Since at the camp the kids were registered on InstaTeam, it gave both the clubs two-pronged benefit. First, all the information was digital, and very easily accessible. Second, for any event update, the clubs had to just send push notifications. The sports club used this to keep sending special event updates. Not only was this a genius way of keeping in touch, but the parents also got to know all the extra activity the sports club was doing for their kids. This made a huge impact.

Camp Pictures

The sports club sent postcards to all the parents with the best pictures of their respective child playing during the camp. This was just a freebee, but and excellent marketing move. Parents love to take pics of their children. Sending actual physical picture was like leaving an impression. Parents loved the gesture, and most of them came back to get their child registered for youth sports.

Physical Performance Report Card

Before the camp was over, the sports club organized a fun sports day. There were fun games like a three-legged race, frog jump etc. But the important thing was, the club created a sports report card for the parents with observations made during this event. For instance, they saw how a six-year-old girl was exceptional with her jumping skills and jotted it down in the report card. When the parents realized that their child was way above average for her age, they decided she should pursue her gift and enrolled her for sports training.


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