Thursday, 13 February 2020

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Boost Club Conveniences With InstaTeam

Sports clubs using InstaTeam have experienced higher level of efficiency, convenience and satisfaction. Forgetting a practice, missing a game, getting late due to new venue route chaos, miscommunication, etc., with InstaTeam sports clubs have left these bad experiences behind and stepped forward towards efficiency and effectiveness.

Here are some of the many advantages that InstaTeam provides:

Communication and Automation

The ability to send instant communication in real time, through mixed media both instant messaging and emails, allows convenience for your team parents constantly on the move. InstaTeam adds to the convenience by giving team parents and players the ability to add team events to their calendars, setting automatic reminders.

GPS Functionality

GPS might not sound as a critical feature for sports teams, but ask parents who have to drive their kids down to new game venues often. Active sports clubs give their players great exposure by providing the opportunity to play in different leagues, with different teams and clubs. While this is great experience for the players, parents can often find it difficult to keep up. In this case, InstaTeam’s carpool feature comes to the rescue. Alongside organizing your carpool schedule and route, the app shows directions via Google Maps so that your child reaches the venue in time, every time.

All’s Under Control

InstaTeam app puts together all aspects of team life in a single screen. From managing rosters and schedules to sending across communication to managing payments to social media feed and more, InstaTeam puts together all the tasks of team management together in a simple, easy way.

Cross Compatibility

InstaTeam is designed to be compatible with Android smart phones, iPhones and desktops. So whatever media you use, you can take advantage of InstaTeam’s amazing features. To top it. InstaTeam is synced with the best in social media such that you can upload pics, updates etc, Google calendar for automatic reminders, Google maps for directions to game/practice venues etc. to provide you the best possible user experience.

Updates & Notifications

With InstaTeam you get to operate efficiently through an admin panel where you can send messages to the entire team in just a few taps. The players and registered parents of players receive notifications on their hand help device and email such that no communication is missed. Moreover, for any change or update in the roster or schedule, the app sends automatic notifications to the entire team. And then there are notifications for reminding about practices, games or any team events marked in the schedule.

Roster Customization

If you wish to add more information to the roster, you can easily do it. For instance, you can store information of both the parents alongside the information of grandparents or guardian if you so desire. The scope of information on InstaTeam is dynamic. You can store all the information you need.


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