Saturday, 22 February 2020

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From Summer Camp To Sports Club

This is the era of information overload and marketing noise. Companies have to come up with innovative ways to make a place in the market. And the best part is, the crazier it gets out there, the interesting it gets, the battle for their piece of pie in the market-share. In one such example this Detroit based youth sports club tied up with a camping club to make sports a part of kids’ summer camp. Both the clubs gained out of the exercise, and so did the kids.

Here’s how the sports club kept in touch and got additional registrations not just from the camp, but from referrals too.

Newsletters & Infomercial Emails

Once the sports club had the relevant contact information, they decided to use it. they sent regular emails and newsletters. The catch here is though, you just have to know the right amount of information and the intervals at which you want to send the emails. One of the biggest problems people face today is information overload. You need to know exactly when your email jumps from being information to the other side and becomes overload. Send them informative emails wherein you talk about some information that would be of interest to parents. Don’t make it sound like an advertisement. If you make it an interesting piece of relevant information, chances are you’ve already got their attention.

Push Notifications

Since at the camp the kids were registered on InstaTeam, it gave both the clubs two-pronged benefit. First, all the information was digital, and very easily accessible. Second, for any event update, the clubs had to just send push notifications. The sports club used this to keep sending special event updates. Not only was this a genius way of keeping in touch, but the parents also got to know all the extra activity the sports club was doing for their kids. This made a huge impact.

Camp Pictures

The sports club sent postcards to all the parents with the best pictures of their respective child playing during the camp. This was just a freebee, but and excellent marketing move. Parents love to take pics of their children. Sending actual physical picture was like leaving an impression. Parents loved the gesture, and most of them came back to get their child registered for youth sports.

Physical Performance Report Card

Before the camp was over, the sports club organized a fun sports day. There were fun games like a three-legged race, frog jump etc. But the important thing was, the club created a sports report card for the parents with observations made during this event. For instance, they saw how a six-year-old girl was exceptional with her jumping skills and jotted it down in the report card. When the parents realized that their child was way above average for her age, they decided she should pursue her gift and enrolled her for sports training.

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Sunday, 16 February 2020

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InstaTeam And Club Promotion

As a sports club, you are keen on sharing your extraordinary achievement, an honorary title or a rave review. And, why not? It’s a special credit and is more than just worth remembering, it’s marketing content and needs to be part of a promotion strategy that aims at making such content reach far and wise, and lasts longer.

If you are keen on promoting your club, here are a few tips that could come in handy:

Showcase Success

As a sports club your success is reflected by the success of your athletes. That is the kind of data that would work more than showing latest training equipment or an impressive facility. Make graphs or put pictures of athletes that succeeded, made it to big league teams, made it through college or are playing pro. They are your measure of success and that is what should be highlighted in your promotion.

Think and Plan Your Social Media Posts

Don’t just post on social media because you must. Information overload is a serious put off for someone who has signed up for knowing club’s achievements and relevant information. The key is to understand that if the post is interesting enough. Think of it as infotainment, information that entertains, entertainment comprising of serious sports wins too. Take your sport seriously, and entertainment seriously.

Build up

Create surprises or intriguing stories with taglines like – “you won’t believe this” or “this little athlete will surprise you”, or something that can grab attention. But when you build up to the suspense, live up to it. Create intriguing stories only when the content is worth it, else it will directly reflect on your number of followers. Never overstate in your tag line because that is a serious put off. You can also create short tease campaigns. For instance, you are about to put up the league schedule, just a few hours prior to putting that up, you can create a tease post to keep your audience engaged. You can also create fun contests with free giveaways, to keep the level of engagement high. You can post pics from the dressing room or fun during break or videos about the team enjoying together. People love pictures and videos, especially the ones that are different from the usual stuff.

Post On A Variety of Social Media Accounts

As a sports club your main audience/ potential customers are in school. You need to be the preferred choice of the players and their parents both. Make a two-fold strategy to be able to appeal the younger and older audience both. You should post on a variety of social media accounts to be able to connect with different audience at the same time. Sharing self-promotional and marketing content across your different social media account platforms is a necessity but it’s equally important to alter content to fit in that particular platform. For instance, pictures on Instagram have dynamic and interesting angles whereas pictures on Facebook have a rather traditional ‘photo album’ appearance. Tailor-designing the content and it’s presentation to your social media accounts will create the required impact for varying platform audiences.

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Thursday, 13 February 2020

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Boost Club Conveniences With InstaTeam

Sports clubs using InstaTeam have experienced higher level of efficiency, convenience and satisfaction. Forgetting a practice, missing a game, getting late due to new venue route chaos, miscommunication, etc., with InstaTeam sports clubs have left these bad experiences behind and stepped forward towards efficiency and effectiveness.

Here are some of the many advantages that InstaTeam provides:

Communication and Automation

The ability to send instant communication in real time, through mixed media both instant messaging and emails, allows convenience for your team parents constantly on the move. InstaTeam adds to the convenience by giving team parents and players the ability to add team events to their calendars, setting automatic reminders.

GPS Functionality

GPS might not sound as a critical feature for sports teams, but ask parents who have to drive their kids down to new game venues often. Active sports clubs give their players great exposure by providing the opportunity to play in different leagues, with different teams and clubs. While this is great experience for the players, parents can often find it difficult to keep up. In this case, InstaTeam’s carpool feature comes to the rescue. Alongside organizing your carpool schedule and route, the app shows directions via Google Maps so that your child reaches the venue in time, every time.

All’s Under Control

InstaTeam app puts together all aspects of team life in a single screen. From managing rosters and schedules to sending across communication to managing payments to social media feed and more, InstaTeam puts together all the tasks of team management together in a simple, easy way.

Cross Compatibility

InstaTeam is designed to be compatible with Android smart phones, iPhones and desktops. So whatever media you use, you can take advantage of InstaTeam’s amazing features. To top it. InstaTeam is synced with the best in social media such that you can upload pics, updates etc, Google calendar for automatic reminders, Google maps for directions to game/practice venues etc. to provide you the best possible user experience.

Updates & Notifications

With InstaTeam you get to operate efficiently through an admin panel where you can send messages to the entire team in just a few taps. The players and registered parents of players receive notifications on their hand help device and email such that no communication is missed. Moreover, for any change or update in the roster or schedule, the app sends automatic notifications to the entire team. And then there are notifications for reminding about practices, games or any team events marked in the schedule.

Roster Customization

If you wish to add more information to the roster, you can easily do it. For instance, you can store information of both the parents alongside the information of grandparents or guardian if you so desire. The scope of information on InstaTeam is dynamic. You can store all the information you need.

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Sunday, 9 February 2020

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Sports Exposure – Meetings Between Member Teams of the Club

Friendly matches, meetings, inter-team competitions etc. between different teams from the same club are very popular, and there’s a good reason why, actually more than just one good reason. If you aren’t already doing it, you should start the practice. Here’s how it will benefit your club:

Enhanced Exposure

Kids practicing with their teammates is great but their practice and exposure is limited to that many players, hence that many styles of playing. But when the team gets to practice with other players, the exposure and experience, both are enhanced. The players get to learn more and better their game.

Sense of Belongingness

When the teams come together, the gathering is grander and kids can meet senior players who have performed. Not only will it be a great learning opportunity, the excitement and enthusiasm will create a sense of belonging and pride for the children. This will benefit the club on many levels.

Simulate Competitivity

Players get to face competition at different levels, which helps them understand the game at different levels and explore skills and tact for different stratum.

Assessing Player Levels 

A player might be the best performer in his own team but when faced with competition outside, how well they perform would be the real test of their skills, talent and tact. Here coaches and identify players who are ready to play a notch up.


This can be a great platform for recognition of good talent. You can give them awards and opportunities they deserve.

 Fund Raising

You can also use this platform for fund raising. Make a tournament of the matches, sell tickets, merchandise and eatables. While you can donate the money for a good cause, the whole event will bring in good publicity for the club. You can use the Fundraiser Event or ‘Ticket Event option to create an event in the InstaTeamApp to make the whole process of selling tickets and collecting money smooth and simple.

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Thursday, 6 February 2020

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The Secret to a Healthy Youth Sports Club

You have a thriving sports club. Your coaches are happy and passionate about what they are doing. Your players love to train with you, give in their 100 percent, are motivated and charged about playing. The players’ parents love your club, are keen on cooperating and volunteering and are your brand ambassadors. The leaders and owners of the club are delighted at both the sports performance and the financial performance of the club. Perfect, right?

That’s where all the clubs want to go. And you know what’s the secret of getting there? It’s simple, actually it isn’t even a secret, it’s more like common sense, the uncommon one though. Here are the key elements of a perfect youth sports club:

Sports Performance

The heart of your club is sports. The first and foremost thing is sports excellence. The performance of kids and the results reflecting good performance are utterly important. A whole lot of work goes into this, planning, training, motivation and due rest for players and coaches.


Here are three most important things for sports performance – training, training, training. One important aspect of youth sports training is attitude conditioning. With the wrong attitude even a well skilled team won’t go far. A successful sports-club needs players who are talented, disciplined, positive and receptive. All of this is possible with good training.

The Happiness Quotient

Not just a sports club, but any place that aims at being successful, has to be happy. Big corporate giants have started working towards their happiness quotient since that essentially is the key to success in this age of multiple stress levels. Keeping a positive atmosphere, being receptive in listening to parents and players, treating coaches well, giving them due offs to unwind and of course, paying them well, celebrating victories but not admonishing on loses, these are just a few ways clubs can work on their happiness quotient.

Quality Equipment

Cost savings is a great way to give a boost to your bottom line, but saving on equipment is not what would help. Apart from the obvious benefit of quality training, good quality equipment also puts faith in the parents’ and players’ mind that you are serious about the training. A well-maintained training facility does the same.

And yes, InstaTeam!

When managing the day-to-day work of team life becomes a breeze, thank your sports-team-management app, InstaTeam. InstaTeam helps save time on mundane team management tasks, simplifies communication and contributes to your club’s success.

So, if you haven’t already, come join us, we are keen on contributing to your success.

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