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How to Effectively Communicate with Parents of Your Team Players

Being a coach isn’t an easy job. While coaching the part that involves passion, the management and administrative part around it, especially the one that involves interaction with parents, can be the tricky part. There are parents who would take every single opportunity to discuss their child’s position, training and progress. There are parents who would challenge the coach’s decisions and confront the coach’s call every now and then. And then there are parents who would not shy from showing their anxiety over the team’s performance. But parents cannot be completely blamed. Enrolling kids in a sports program can be very demanding of both, time and money. And then there is college admission, or more, a professional athletic career, so much associated to sports these days that the stakes are really high. Anxiety, to some extent is justified. But for the coach, who has their fair share of anxieties and problems to deal with, dealing with anxious parents does bring in a bit of challenge.

Your sports team management app like InstaTeam makes communication easy and efficient. Coaches can easily make changes to the roster or the schedule, and parents are notified through automatic notifications. Attendance and volunteering can be marked directly on the app and be visible to all, taking away the pain of coordinating with every single parent. Every parent, every player, the admins and the coaches all are on the same page. Then there’s more, parents can use features like the team calendar, carpooling, fee payment, and so much more to make their sports parenting a whole lot easier and simpler.

Here’s how sports team management app has simplified life for the coaches (and the parents too):

Full automation – with complete automation, there is little or no scope for human error. This eliminates the chances of misunderstanding, misinterpretation and miscommunication. 

Complete involvement – Parents are completely aware and involved in the child’s sports life. they can plan their work and vacation around the child’s schedule, they have all the relevant data right on their fingertips.

Total control – Coaches have total control on every aspect of the sports teams’, from keeping a tab on the team’s schedule to communicating with the team to managing player memberships and payments, everything.

Human Touch Still Remains Essential

While the app takes care of the essential team communication, face to face communication still hold its importance. And then there are places where instant messaging can create a menace for the team and for the coach. There can be an electric exchange of intervening and malicious messages which can negate the merit of real-time connectivity. In such a situation, meeting up with the parents and players, handling the confrontations face to face and calmly discussing the possible solution, is way better than addressing it through messages. A meeting every once in a while, a casual encounter during the practices, team picnics or outings, all of this reassures the parents and helps build trust. And once you have established the level of trust, there will be no scope for communication problems whatsoever.



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