Wednesday, 29 January 2020

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Important Setting For Your InstaTeam App

While you might feel pestered with the hyper-solicitation and digital noise, there are some notifications that are actually meant to help you. In order to be able to work properly and provide the convenience and ease it’s meant to provide, this one setting on the InstaTeam app should always be turned on – Notifications.

Here’s why you need to keep ‘Notifications’ for InstaTeam turned on

Any team message, including important and critical ones, can reach you in real time. Although all the messages are sent on the email also, but there may be a chance that you are on your commute, or out in a meeting, and you do not get to access your emails for hours. But your hand-held smart phone is always with you and according to studies conducted, you are more likely to check your mobile phone notifications than your email. According to the IDC Research 79 percent of smart phone users are with their smart phone for as high as 22 hours a day. That makes it perfect to send notifications on a device that’s practically with you for 22 hours.

If for some reason you do use a smart phone, or do not wish to get notifications on your handheld phone, we send notifications by email also. Be sure to keep your email notifications in ‘Settings’ on.

To turn on the settings through InstaTeam app just follow these simple steps:

1.    Open the InstaTeam app.
2.    On the Home Screen, tap on ‘More’, the three dots on the top right-hand-side.
3.    Your profile opens up. from the options given below choose ‘Notification Settings’.
4.    To turn on notifications, tap on ‘Set Push Notification’.

Your team notifications should ideally start now. Just in case you are still having trouble getting notifications, from the ‘Notification Settings’ option, tap on ‘Troubleshoot Notifications’. Follow the instructions as per you smart phone model and make, restart your mobile and you are good to go.

Hope with this small help you are well notified and ‘in the game’ :)

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