Thursday, 16 January 2020

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Tips to Limit Practice Delay Due to Latecomers

Latecomers are a nuisance in every sphere of life, but with sports the problem becomes all the more potent because, for one – it’s indiscipline which is anti-sports, and two – it’s a waste of everyone else’s time and can have a domino effect on tightly scheduled student-life. If your team suffers with this problem and you’ve been looking for a way out, we have some tips that may help.

1.    Clearly define rules regarding indiscipline and late-coming. Let the team sit and deliberate on the consequences, such that there is better understanding, agreement and acceptance of these rules.

2.    While scheduling a practice on the InstaTeam app, do mention show-up time, warm-up time and practice time very clearly, and define consequences for those who miss the show-up time.

3.    Instead of harsh consequences, think of softer consequences, latecomers get to warm-up on the side, or latecomers need to clear the ground after the practice. Think of a variety of consequences, it will not only bring in a little fun in the practice but also, habitual latecomers will not get accustomed to the drill of the same consequence every time.

4.    Like latecomers have consequences, on-timers and punctual players should have some reward too which would serve as motivation for other kids.

5.    Do not entertain reasons. Late is late. Miss is a miss. Doesn’t matter how hard you tried. Because ultimately, that’s the life lesson that kids need to learn from sports.

6.    Before scheduling a practice on a holiday or a special day, send a survey or attendance seeking message on the InstaTeam app. When kids or parents mark their attendance, you will know how many people can make it to the practice, likewise if it would make sense scheduling or not scheduling the game.

7.    Do not disparage or single out the latecomer. Make the exercise more fun than daunting, you wouldn’t want to scar a child’s brain.

8.    If there is a habitual latecomer, it would probably be a good idea to understand their situation. There might be something you can do to help, or a situation that might need a concerning adult’s situation.

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Tuesday, 7 January 2020

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Managing Multiple Teams

Coaching and managing a team is hard work. But, coaching and managing multiple teams is difficulty next level. With InstaTeam’s intuitive and effective features, managing multiple teams has become easier. If you are finding managing multiple teams and multitasking difficult, here’s how InstaTeam can help you.

The key to managing a sports team is communication. With multiple teams, communication becomes even more important because of the sheer volume of people involved. With InstaTeam’s notifications feature, a single message informs the entire team. Attendance and volunteering can be marked on the app itself, so there is no need to get into one-on-one messaging with different stakeholders. Game schedules or any changes or updates automatically go as notification, such that players and their parents know any changes in the schedule. A lot of coaches we talked listed communication as the toughest and most tedious part of coaching. Coordinating with every single parent seemed to sap the energy out of people.

There is no need for personal messaging and chain mails for coordinating and communication however large your team/group be.

Another thing that InstaTeam facilitates is managing payments. Payment notifications are sent automatically. The app is linked with PayPal and various other card payments, which makes it easier for parents to pay. Plus, there is no need to maintain a payment log, InstaTeam does it for you. With just a few taps you can easily find out whose fee is due and who all have paid.

“InstaTeam has made managing a team so easy that I can do every admin job for the team, which earlier took a big chunk of my time, within seconds”, says Smith Rosenbaum, football coach in an Elementary school in Orlando. “Every information I need, every communication I need to send, all of it is in my fingertips, and it is truly convenient”, adds Rosenbaum. There are parents who vouch for InstaTeam because managing multiple teams is not just a coach’s problem but also a mother’s problem who drives her children to different game practices, and has to keep a tab on everything, every team practice and game schedule. InstaTeam brings all the convenience and efficiency of an app in your hands. If you have more than one child into youth sports, all your accounts, teams, team photos and videos, everything comes on the same platform, and managing becomes such a breeze.

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