Friday, 4 September 2020

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Collecting Payments on InstaTeam

When you talk about collecting payments, it seems like mammoth of a task for coaches and team managers. Fortunately with tools like InstaTeam, not just collection of payments, but managing all the functions of finance become a breeze.
All the information you need to keep track of fee collections, out-standings and everything finances, is available on a single screen at InstaTeam.
Starting from registrations, here’s how InstaTeam helps you manage your payments.
Season fees is collected online during registrations. If you need help to get started with registrations, here’s our post on doing digital registrations with InstaTeam –
To accept payments, on the home screen of the InstaTeam app, choose the newly registered team.
On the team’s home screen, tap on the top right-hand-side corner.
From the list that appears, choose ‘Dues and payments’.
Here you can start accepting payments online. You can define the payment structure - if you need to accept the fees in one go or in part payments or it has to be a monthly payment.
It’s not just the fees. You can continue to collect payments for league trials, uniforms or tournaments, you just need to create an invoice and then select the teams or individuals that you need to collect money from. The people for whom you’ve created invoice will get notifications regarding payment due and for what.
All payments can be seen on a single screen. The app will also keep you informed about the payments that are due.
All payments and any information about your financials is safe and secured on InstaTeam.

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