Monday, 23 December 2019

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Creating Value for Youth Sports Sponsors

If you are looking for ways to provide your team sponsors a little more exposure, here’s a great way to do it – include your sponsor in all your social media posts.

Social media marketing has taken business to a whole new level. It’s like a tool in your hands that, if used correctly, can get you massive exposure in very less time with virtually no cost. Traditional marketing has its advantages, but social media marketing is cut-rate, fast, effective and virtually effortless. You can post messages on all social media through the InstaTeam app which will make your life even easier saving you from logging into different accounts and posting separately.

Facebook – Have the team members, their families and friends follow your team’s page. You can also have the whole school or the entire club following your page. Here you can post your sponsor’s promotion messages every once in a while.

Twitter – Use your Twitter account to post short team messages like if there’s a game scheduled or there’s a change. Although your InstaTeam app keeps you abreast with all the information, this can just be another platform for exposure. This also helps create a name and recognition for the team, team branding of sorts.

Create a YouTube channel – Videos have their own charm. You can put videos of important matches, sports highlights, winning moments, locker room motivation etc. 

Instagram – Create your photo posts, stories and interesting sports stuff to keep your followers engaged. Tag your sponsors to give them full exposure.

General tips:

·         Make creative and relatable posts that include your sponsors. Blatant marketing may not go very well with your followers.

·         Do make it a point to mention them frequently.

·         Make your content engaging, this platform is for both you and your sponsors.

·         Be prompt and be regular. Once in a blue moon accounts don’t work.

·         Use every opportunity to interact, Holidays, important events, some major happening, anything.

·         Stay away from controversies. Don’t take sides, you don’t want to end up on anybody’s wrong side.

·         Be generous. Use this platform to work for some voluntarycause, this will help increase your follower base, people who relate to the cause also join in.


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