Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Published Tuesday, December 17, 2019 with 4 comments

Add Player Evaluations For A Great Season

InstaTeam app makes team life a whole lot easier by creating automatic rosters. But did you know that you can add player evaluations too on each player’s profile.

Grading and evaluation of each player will take the team to the next level since players will know where exactly they stand and the associated feedback will go a long way in helping them understand what exactly they need to work on. Here are a few reasons why player evaluation is important.

·         Helps in athletes’ skill development

Evaluations will show exactly where the player is strong and where she’s struggling. Access to this information helps both the coach and the player identify the weak spots they need to build upon.

·         Set a player benchmark for further evaluations

Evaluations can be more meaningful if there’s a reference range. A reference range helps quantify improvements which handy information for the coach and the team manager. This information can also set the basis for selections for future seasons.

·         Identify overall team performance

By consolidating player evaluations, coaches can identify the weak spots and strengths of the team. This can help coaches and administrators understand what more needs to be incorporated in the team’s training, if they need some external trainer for a specific skill set that the whole team is may be struggling with.

Here’s how you can add evaluations to each player’s profile in a team.
1.    Open the InstaTeam App.
2.    Tap on the team name where you want to add evaluations.
3.    Scroll down, you will see the players’ list. Tap on the name of the first player.
4.    Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Tap on ‘Add Custom Parameters’.
Here you can add all points of evaluation as new parameters. You will have to do this only once for the entire team. Once the Evaluation points are added, you can put each players evaluation in their profile. If there are additional points you may need to add, or a feedback you want to add, you can either put it in notes or add a feedback parameter.

Once you make it a practice to note down player evaluations, you can start working on building player skills and the team strength for the season. All the best! 



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