Friday, 15 November 2019

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Our Thanksgiving for The Awesome ‘Thank You’ Moments

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Gratitude is in the air, and we are constantly thinking of people who make our journey so special.

A lot of our users write to us at InstaTeam and thank us for solving a part of their tasks, routines and life in general. We take this opportunity to thank them for the support. We also want to thank people who wrote to us giving us feedback, a little nasty at times but we appreciate it, it helped us better InstaTeam to make it easier, fast and more convenient.

Here are some of our customer emails that encouraged us to become better. Thank you indeed!

“There is no way all of this convenience would come for such a nominal fee. It’s like a personal assistant and an admin team working for you at the cost of a phone rental. It’s simply awesome.”

tess.mjonas84, Team-Ad Free Subscription Holder

“Fantastic app. Such an efficient and streamlined way to organize team work. It makes team life so much easier.”

Nicole.sandy, Coach

“Easy to use. Fast and efficient. Perfect for keeping it organised. Happy to use.”

stephenG, Sports Parent

“There is so much to team management – game schedules, managing practice games, attendance, volunteer signups, fees and so much more. InstaTeam digitalises all of the above and makes it convenient for the parents and team admins. It’s incredible.”

Nate Bunger, Team Admin

“Communication is my biggest take. I love how all important team messages are conveyed instantly, and responses can be made real time.”

Bruce Lavett, Sports Parent

“Instead of drowning in endless trail of emails, important messages just get through. There’s clarity and communication, not confusion.”

J. Sheffeild, Sports Parent

 “I used to keep writing on stickies and putting them on the fridge, such that I didn’t miss a game or practice for both my sons, but invariably I would end up missing out on something, it was a juggle together. Thanks InstaTeam, I have never missed anything ever since, and am a lot relaxed.”

Sara Brown, Sports Parent

There are so many more testimonial we’d like to share. Thank you all for taking out time to write to us, means a lot. Thank you for all the kind words. We hope to keep hearing from you.

Wish you a warm and joyous Thanksgiving. Happy holidays!



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