Friday, 15 November 2019

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Managing Volunteer Signups – Self Assigned

There can be various ways to manage volunteer signups. The two broad categories being self-assigned jobs and team assigned jobs. This article takes you through the process to make signups easy and smooth.

From photography to food, there’s a whole bunch of activities to be managed during a game, and volunteering by parents becomes a must. In the InstaTeam app, the coach or administrator can create a sign-up event in which parents can pick up jobs for the game. These signups can either be limited to a game or can be for the entire season, depending on what suits the volunteers and the administrators the best. For instance, if a parent is good at photography, she can choose to do photography for the entire season. At the same time, the parent can choose a particular job for the entire week or specifically for a game.

Signups during registration

Some clubs or teams prefer volunteer signups for the entire season. While taking the registration at the beginning of the season, parents can choose the job they want to take up for the season. The coaches and admins need to list out all the jobs required for the season, and parents can choose their pick. The details and frequency of each job must be clearly listed such that parents can make an informed choice.


·         Even before the season begins, everyone has a clear understanding of what they are doing and what others are doing. There’s no room for confusion, misunderstanding or miscommunication.
·         Volunteers can be better equipped and can plan to be available since the activity is clearly marked in the calendar. They also have a fair idea of the frequency and gap to help better plan.


·         People can have meetings, sudden commitments or emergencies that were not accounted for while the plan was being made. In absence of plan B, this can be a fiasco.
·         If parents are picking up their own jobs, the early bird would get the best, or easiest of jobs. For parents who turn up late on the scene, may not get as much choice.

Weekly Signups

While it may be tough for most working parents to commit themselves for the whole season in advance, a weekly plan looks more doable. A week’s planning is not such an impossible task.


·         A week’s planning can be dome and required arrangements can be made. It is more practical and workable.
·         Everybody gets to do a little bit of everything. One person being struck with a particular job can be monotonous and depressing in some cases.


·         People would have to sign-up every week and pick jobs. Some might forget, some might miss out.
·         A lot of management would go into taking jobs since every week the volunteer roster changes.

Signup on per game basis

The InstaTeam app allows coaches/admins to create sign-up events while they are creating an event on the app. Parents can pick up jobs for the game.


·         Everybody gets to do everything.
·         It’s flexible. Since there is no prior commitment, people can easily pick up what suits them for that particular day.


·         Since there’s no commitment, chances are jobs may not be taken at all.
·         Again, it’s a repetitive task, so choosing every time can become a hassle.



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