Friday, 15 November 2019

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Managing Volunteer Sign Ups – Team Assigned

In youth sports, volunteer signups play a major role. Some clubs/teams enable parents to pick up their own volunteer jobs during the game. This is a good strategy because parents pick up jobs that they are comfortable with, but at the same time because of work commitments and time issues, parents just don’t signup. In such a scenario, team assigned jobs are a good option, since they work. Again, with team assigned jobs, the coach/admin do consider the parent’s time availability and comfort level with the assigned job.

Team coordinators/admins can also consider having a fine mix of both parent-assigned signups and team-assigned signups. While assigning volunteer jobs to parents, the coordinator can keep one or two jobs open for parents to sign-up.

If your team is still deciding a strategy for volunteer signups, here are ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of team assigned signups to help you make decide better.


·         When the admin or coordinator assigns jobs, there is surety that the job is covered and all jobs are allocated.
·         The admin/coach can then concentrate on the game since they know the best person is on the job. Plus, there is no discrepancy amongst parents since the admin will try their best to rotate jobs.


·         When parents pickup their own jobs, they are willing to do them. when they are assigned the job, they may not be as willing.
·         Parents may not be available for the job due to last minute commitments or work emergencies.
·         Last minute changes can be very difficult to adjust as parents may not have the time cushion to accommodate a change, especially if they are often.

Here are a few tips how teams can manage parent signups using InstaTeam –

·         InstaTeam makes volunteer signup extremely easy. Just within a few taps a parent can sign-up for a job.
·         If there are open sign-ups and parents haven’t signed up, admin can send targeted emails or notifications on the InstaTeam App reminding parents to sign up.
·         If a parent has a last-minute change they want to accommodate, encourage them to find their own replacement. InstaTeam’s personal chat feature allows parents to get in touch without compromising the security of their number.