Monday, 25 November 2019

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Holidays And Youth Sports – Make Them Special

It’s Holiday season, the season for friends, family and fun. Should there be a break for youth sports practice too? Or should it be practice time because there’s this refreshed holiday energy that can be put use to? A dilemma mostly all coaches and parents feel.

Between taking a complete break and keeping holidays occupied, there can be a fine midway, which would work best for all involved. Through experience of dealing with coaches and parents over the years, what I’ve learned is most families are rather willing to take their kids somewhere during the Holiday break. But the practice or game should really be planned after consulting parents because if too many parents are opting out of it, it won’t make sense.

Most parents won’t be comfortable with a game schedule that conflicts with their Holiday plan. So, to make a schedule that works, it is highly recommended that the coach calls for a parent meeting well in advance before the Holidays, so that a schedule can be worked out, if you are planning to have game or practice during the Holidays that is. Here are some ideas of the coach can engage with the team during Holidays:

·         A friendly match in the team with parents involved in the game too.

·         The evening of the game can be a player and family gathering, maybe with a barbeque dinner. It can be good bonding time for the players and their families.

·         Or, the coach can decide to have a little ice-cream party for the kids after the game.

·         The coach can decide to give achievement awards to all the players in the team – best runner, best passer, best smile, just something to delight the little players. Plus, the parents will be super happy too.

·         There can be a fun games competition – frog race, sack race, three-legged race etc.

·         A funfair with all teams of the neighborhood involved.

It’s not that losing out on the practice during holidays will ruin the kids’ talent, or a little practice more during Holidays will do magic to their skills, it’s about Holidays and the magic they do to you. Just think about Holidays and making your team feel special. The magic that this will do to your team, nothing will match it, not even continuous practice.


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