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Common Youth Sports Injuries and First Aid

Youth sports have become very popular. According to a rough estimate, around 40-45 million American kids actively participate in youth sports every year. According to CDC (Center for Disease Control), over 2 million of these kids wind up in emergency rooms each year.

Most sports injuries are very common and can be helped with simple measures. However, since there can be several types of complications, it is always advisable to take the child to a medicalpractitioner.

Ligament Injury

A fall, stretch or jerk can injure the ligament. While a serious ligament injury can be very painful and may take time to heal, most common form of ligament injury is sprain, like an ankle sprain.

When a sprain occurs, the part where the ligament is injured may become stiff and swollen. The child may have extreme pain moving it. As the sprain occurs, wrap an ice pack or cold compress in a towel and place it on the affected area immediately. Do not apply ice directly, as the child may get frost bite. Rush the child to a medical practitioner immediately to get the sprain checked and get further investigations done if required.

Heat Exhaustion

Since most of the sports are played outside, during summers, children are susceptible to heat sickness. When playing outside, it is highly recommended that children be kept fully hydrated. But sometimes, the heat just gets too overwhelming. The common symptoms of heat exhaustion are dizziness, headache, nausea, dilated pupils, decreased pulse count and fainting.

If a player gets a bout of heat exhaustion, lay the child down and elevate feet lightly. Remove heavy or tight clothing to make the body light. Have the child drink water, preferably mixed with sugar and salt, or any other non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated beverage. Spray or sponge the child’s body with cold water and fan her to keep her cool. Take the child to a medical practitioner to ascertain the child is well and the stroke is not too severe. Heat sickness can be life threatening, ensure the child gets proper medical care.

Tendon Injury

Sometimes, due to over exposure, tendons or the muscle tissue that attaches a muscle to the bone, may get inflamed or injured. This can be very painful. Apply ice pack as the injury occurs, and seek medical help immediately. This type of injury may require a break from physical activity, duration of which a doctor may advise.

Head Trauma

Any injury that occurs on the head should be taken seriously. It can be a concussion. A concussion can result in:
·         Loss of memory
·         Disturbed vision, blurry or stars
·         Slow reflexes or response
It can be a serious condition. In case of any injury to the head, apply ice pack and rush the child immediately to a hospital to seek medical advice.

One cannot avoid sports injury, it’s a part of the package. But parents can ensure proper preventive measures are in place.
1.    Ensure kids are wearing safety gear like helmets, knee pads etc. at all times on the field, while playing.
2.    Ensure kids have done their warm-ups properly before they start their game. If the body is warm and flexible, chances of injury are reduced.
3.    Ensure the child has access to plenty of fluids so that the body stays hydrated. Fluids would include water, lemonade and sports drinks. Avoid soda and caffeinated drinks.



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