Wednesday, 6 November 2019

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Collaborative Coaching

In the era of internet and connectivity, collaborative coaching only makes sense. There is always a possibility that that something new comes out of collaboration, from taking to other coaches, seeking parents feedback, exploring online resources and getting ideas from players themselves. So, if you’ve been feeling that you’ve exhausted your tricks to motivate the team, it’s probably time for collaborative coaching.

Collaborate with other coaches

Here’s a great way to get in touch with other coaches. The InstaTeam App shows teams in the vicinity. You could get in touch with the coaches of these teams and discuss ways to bring the zing back in tour team. You could also form a group that gets together monthly or weekly to discuss ideas. You could also collaborate with other teams and plan seminars, health camps or bring in some national level athlete for motivational talk. If you have a big group, you can plan big events together.

Collaborate with parents and players

While we strictly advise parents to leave the coaching to the coaches, every once in a while, it’s good to ask for suggestions. This is indeed a great way to include parents, encourage cooperation, and get some ideas too.

Internet to your rescue

There is a sea of resources on the internet that can seek inspiration from. From learning pro tips to getting the secret of the best clubs in the world, you can get plenty ideas for bringing in a new life in your training. You can also get tips to better technique, ideas for team motivation and activities to keep team spirited and pepped up through the season.

TV time together still works

Take some time off practice and make the team sit together for some TV time. Play inspirational videos of pro teams, make them learn about the strengths of their favorite players. Allow them to have a visual taste to success, help them mentally prepare for the grind and help them understand the commitment and hard work that goes into the game to get success. You can also show the players a recording of their own game. They will see and understand what they are doing wrong, what needs to be worked upon and how they can build upon their personal and the team’s strength. This is a great way to help players understand the strategy for the game.



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