Thursday, 31 October 2019

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The Winter is Coming

Winter can be a tough time, especially for sports parents because with holidays and a busy sports schedule to put up with, juggling between roles and tasks gets all the more tough. On one hand you have all the holiday planning and preparation, deciding if you’ll host or visit, and given your kid’s sports engagement it’s less likely that you would get time off to visit, so you’ll most likely host, and on the other hand the child’s sports engagement gets busier because of holidays, which means again added commitment.

Here are a few tips to help you get your schedule sorted and get time to manage everything efficiently and effectively. Here’s how you can prepare for the winter:

1.    Trust a calendar app – With all your commitments in your calendar app, you can easily fit in the extracurricular activities of your child and not have it clash with some other commitment you didn’t remember while committing to this. InstaTeam, the sports team management app, can be synced with Google Calendar, which is great because then you can see all your commitments at one place.

2.    Set a reminder pattern – InstaTeam send notifications and reminders for events scheduled on InstaTeam, which makes it way easy to keep track of things and be prepared. Remember to set reminders for all your personal commitments too, so that you are well prepared and you glide through rather than remembering last minute and playing catching up.

3.    Get the right gear – Winter is all about preparation. Get the right winter sports gear in time. Do ensure the gear meets safety norms. Do not rely on previous year’s equipment because you child has by now outgrown it. Ill fitted gear is dangerous and can result in serious injury. Make sure the kid is layered enough since one might ignore it while playing, or may not realize it with all the physical activity, but cold weather can be harsh on kids, and with all the commitment and over getting sick or tending to a sick child is way out of question.

4.    If winter gear makes you nervous about all the space it would consume, designate a secure gear drop station, where you can keep all the gear after the game and pick it up before the game.

5.    Join carpool group – InstaTeam has a carpool feature which is synced with Google maps. This feature creates optimal routes based on participants’ addresses. You’ll save a whole lot of time and energy.

While the whole winter sports activity and socializing can be overwhelming, do not forget to make space for family time. Holidays should be spent in warm, decorated rooms with your family sharing laughter and hot chocolate, or if your family has a different holiday tradition. Don’t miss out on family time, else none of it will be worth it.



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