Tuesday, 15 October 2019

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Seven Key Steps To Grow Your Youth Sports Club

With youth sports participation on the rise, competition hasn’t just increased for players, but also for youth sports clubs. Growing your youth sports club takes time, diligence and persistent efforts. Player performance, team competence, resources planning and financial direction can help increase chances of its success. Here’s how you can practically do it:

1.    Get online – The first step towards utilizing your resources well is getting online. You need not get a software or application especially made, InstaTeam takes care of all sports team management, administration and communication in an easy, convenient and efficient manner. This also frees up the coaches to concentrate on coaching instead of getting caught up in administration and communication tasks.

2.    Offer more than just the game – It may sound a little on the edge, but every other club on the block is offering the game. For instance, once a week exposure to yoga will not just help get physical and emotional balance, but it may also help better the child’s game, and it adds a component to your offering.

3.    You might also want to add just a yoga camp or kids gym camp (whatever you choose to offer as an extra) during holidays or summer break. This will help use your facility resourcefully and will and you can always look at some kids becoming open to your club’s athletic offerings. You can always analyze the conversion numbers and compare them with the spend for the camp. With your numbers in hand, you will have a solid reason to conduct or cast off the camp.

4.    Encourage engagement – Games, leagues, biking trips, camps, team picnics, neighborhood games, one way or the other keep your club positively engaged. 

5.    Keep an eye on the dropouts. You need to understand why kids leave and when do they leave the most. This kind of information will help you work on your weak areas and build on your strengths.

6.    Feedback – You may be doing everything right, but you will never really know until you hear that from the horse’s mouth. Feedback from players and their parents will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and help pin point things you need to work on.

7.    Analyze – Many a times parents don’t bother spending time on giving you an honest feedback, but at the same time you see that your drop-out rate is higher than the industry average, you know it’s time for some introspection. You will have to ask yourself and your coaches some tough questions and look for tougher answers. But trust, this exercise will help straighten out some rough creases.

A good business practice is to focus on team’s victories, players’ overall development and parent contentment, and in that very order. You fall short on any one of these components, and you will see a decline in your club’s athletic and financial performance.


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