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Get Used To InstaTeaming

 In an ideal world, a team management app recommended for the team should be embraced instantly and all team communication and administration should be routed through it. That too, with an app like InstaTeam, that has features that make your life so easy and sorted, that it’s almost addictive.

But, this is the real world, and reality is always a little harsh. The coach may recommend using an app, call for a team meeting where he initiates people with the features, helps players and their parents familiarize with the app, and do everything perfect, there still will be people who would defy using the app. And it’s not really technology phobia, because these people are anyways using their smart phone, it’s not even inertia, perhaps they are just being stubborn or lethargic or a little bit of both. While this can be really frustrating, it’s important to understand that there will be people like this, and there needs to be a strategy to get them to use the app. Here’s a little hint on how to get people to actually use the team app.

Make the app compulsory

The first and foremost thing you must do is make the app compulsory for all team communication. Since initially people might not be in the habit of checking the app every now and then for updates, every time you put a massage, or add an event, or make any changes to the schedule, make sure you send a text message or an instant message asking them to check the InstaTeam app for an announcement. If you keep doing this people will get in the habit of checking the app for updates.

Notifications need to be turned on

While giving the briefing about the app, ask people to keep notifications on for InstaTeam. Since it’s natural for people to miss it in the first go, repeat and reiterate the point that people should keep notifications turned on. It’ll just take a little initial push, after which people will get used to the convenience of getting the notifications.

What’s in it for me?

It’s one thing to make using the app compulsory, and quite another to actually get people to listen and engage. Remember, convenience is the incentive. InstaTeam is not just a digital notice board where you can check official team messages, but you can organize your schedule, upload/check team photos and videos, make payments, carpool and do so much more. Just get people to use each of the features once or twice and then they’ll get used to the convenience and ease of InstaTeaming.

InstaTeam – the front door of team experience

Chuck Boris, Assistant Coach for a Buffalo based youth sports club feels using an app has changed team life, and for better. “When we used email as our prime communication tool, 30 percent of the parents never opened them. Now 80 percent of the parents (and 100 percent of the players) actively engage with the app almost on a daily basis”, says Chuck.

InstaTeam has made team life easier, faster and more effective. Communication is prompt, all information is digital, actions are instant, overall team life is sorted for all involved – coaches, parents and players. There is a big reason why InstaTeam team management app is receiving so much welcome attention.



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