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InstaTeam: Sports, Events and Beyond

You’ve probably experienced first-hand how InstaTeam does wonders in sports team management by automating mundane tasks, streamlining co-ordination and facilitating real-time connection within the team. Here’s how InstaTeam is being used outside of sports as a platform for communication and coordination.

Hobby Groups

From biking clubs to budding poet’s society to book clubs to music groups, people who pursue a hobby alongside their job, prefer spending least possible time on communication and coordination of the group, they’d rather use that time in actually doing the activity. For instance, when this biking club from Florida decided to hit the road over a weekend biking tour, the planning and communication was handled on InstaTeam. “Everyone was on the same page, everyone knew who’s doing what and there was no room for confusion and miscommunication. Our biking tour was perfect, thanks to InstaTeam”, says Timothy Jenson, an active participant of the biking club.

Similarly, there’s a meditation group in Vermont. The group has members across 2-4 states on the East Coast. They use InstaTeam for all their group activities.


Whether it’s an office party or a neighborhood barbeque, InstaTeam can be a great platform to bring people together, keep information handy and available, yet save otherwise spent time on communication and coordination. Even better, if it is a party wherein people contribute, InstaTeam’s payment feature can make life easier for everyone. The accounts are transparent and automatic payment reminders and notifications save you from running behind people.

Housing Associations

There is so much of communication and coordination involved in housing and apartment associations that it just makes logical sense to get all members on InstaTeam. This Seniors’ Condo Association in Oklahoma relies on InstaTeam for their communication and coordination. Whether it’s a fund raiser or bake sale or 4th of July Celebration, the entire neighborhood comes together. “We love InstaTeam because all relevant information can be put on the schedule, and unnecessary messages for each and everything are not required. With messaging apps, the whole day my phone would go beeping, and mostly important messages were lost in the long trail of useless banter,” says Billy Brown, a 76-year-old resident.


Be it the Sunday Mass or a Holiday celebration or some other event, a lot of communication and coordination goes into it. InstaTeam not only facilitates communication, also provides a convenient platform to be in touch, but not be overwhelmed with information and communication. It helps in, as we like to call it, ‘non-intrusive’ communication. And since people can easily find teams in the vicinity, it has become even easier for the church to reach out.



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