Monday, 9 September 2019

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How to Capture Sports Action on Your Smartphone

Most sports parents are near obsessed with their little ones sweating it out on the field. Taking photographs that capture those million-dollar expressions and beautiful moments and uploading those precious pics on social media is a huge craze. And with smartphones to our disposal, every parent is a photographer. Although, you cannot compare DSLR to a phone camera, but you do not need a pro camera to capture action-packed shots, a smart phone camera will do just fine. All you need is a natural panache for photography and a few insider tips.

Looking for the insider tips? Read on.

The first thing you need to do is make a goal. What is it you want on your camera the most? Action-packed game shots, or post game celebrations, players in their idle moments, or all of it? Once you know what you want to capture, find yourself the right place from where you can capture it. try and find a spot where the backdrop is the least cluttered. A clear backdrop will accentuate the emotion in your photograph. After finding the spot, timing is going to be important. Again, if it’s the game shot, then you need to be alert and, in the game, ready to capture the sensational action as it happens. If you get distracted, you will miss the shot for sure. Do not socialize, check messages or social media, or start taking selfies, focus on the moment. Also remember, sometimes the emotion can be more interesting than the action. For instance, instead of focusing in the home run, you could capture the pitcher’s priceless expression. Similarly, you can get some really fun shots when players celebrate a victory.

The next important thing to remember is that stand close to action, as close as you can. Smartphone cameras cannot compete with the DSLRs whose lens can zoom into distance and still make an amazing pic. Smartphone camera pics are not good with the zoom feature, the quality goes for a toss.

One of the most important virtues of a good photographer is patience. you know what you want to capture, you’ve found your spot, now you need to patiently wait for the moment to come to you. Waiting, ready to click, is the key. You lose patience, you’ll lose the shot.

The next important tip is to know your camera well. you need to read, experiment and learn by practice what setting works best. If the in-built camera app isn’t that great, you can download a camera app. Keep in mind that any app you use, the camera’s shutter speed should be good to be able to avoid burry pics. Sometimes you can adjust it in the settings, sometimes an external app helps, totally depends on the model and make of your phone. You can read up, there’s enough information on the internet regarding smartphone cameras.

Last but not the least, learn to react to action. A great shot lies around the action. You just need to know where to look. For instance, while capturing a great hit, you might get a great reaction from the pitcher. Now that’s your precious shot.