Friday, 30 August 2019

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InstaTeam For Event Planning?

Well, why not?

This multi-tasking sister used InstaTeam for planning a wedding, and everything turned out great.

Rochelle got engaged and they planned an early wedding. Rochelle’s baby sister, Samantha, was the bride’s maid. With only a few months left to do all the planning and Samantha’s busy schedule, planning and executing the wedding looked like mammoth of a task. Samantha works as a kindergarten school teacher. She also works as a freelance writer, writing web content for a variety of verticals. Sam walks a tight rope with her two jobs, and the additional task of wedding planning was too much on her plate.

Samantha had worked on InstaTeam at her school. The app was super easy and brought all communication and coordination tools together, and that’s what Samantha exactly wanted. It was just natural for her to use InstaTeam for the wedding planning too.

She started by creating different teams on InstaTeam. The first was Core Wedding Team. She was the admin and her mom, bride-to-be and groom-to-be were included in the team. She also included the venue manager, the caterer and decorator in this team. The other teams were Family, Friends, Bachelor’s Party and Bachelorette. Each team had the relevant events scheduled.

Once the teams were made, all attendees could add personal details to their profile. emails, addresses, contact numbers were all taken acre of. Guests could RSVP in the attendance section. All the details, events, important dates and special instruction to those dates, every bit of information was put together in the schedule; it was there for everyone to see. Best part was, for guests who didn’t already have InstaTeam, or didn’t want to add an additional app, they were still in the loop of all-important communication through emails and text messages.

“I was delighted at how all the information was at the tip of my hands, and how smoothly we were proceeding with the planning. We had to make a last-minute venue change for the rehearsal dinner from banquet 1 to banquet 3. To my surprise, the communication was a breeze, and it worked out just fine”, says Samantha.

“I would highly recommend InstaTeam for any event planning. Everything at the wedding was so well planned that a lot of people congratulated me on having put together a beautiful, well planned wedding”, She adds.

InstaTeam is a great tool for communication and coordination. Any event that requires the two elements, can be executed on InstaTeam. Birthday party, fundraiser, volunteering, you name it, we got it!



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