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Improve Your Team’s Social Media Presence with InstaTeam

Why should your team have a social media presence? Because it can have one. If you are still wondering why should your team have a social media presence, here are a few compelling reasons:

1.      Almost everyone’s on social media, your players, parents, partners, sponsors, and just about everyone. This is the second-best platform to stay connected with everyone at once (well, InstaTeam being the first!).
2.      Not just people you collaborate with, your rival clubs, neighborhood, the youth sports community, your prospective team-members, all of them too are on social media. Wouldn’t it make perfect sense to keep them updated with your team’s achievements? Just being interactive on social media also makes a whole lot of difference creating a sustained advantage for your team.
3.      Marketing on your mind? This is the perfect platform. Social media is the perfect place to attract prospective sponsors and fundraising.

Now that the reasons are well established, here are a few important tips you would need to get it right on the social media platform.

Choose your audience and tailor content accordingly

One marketing strategy won’t be good for all social media – one size doesn’t fit all. For your younger audience you could make videos catching lighter moments of the game, funny  or inspirational pictures with quotes and post them on networks youth usually hangout in, Instagram and Snapchat mainly. Then you can choose to post articles, blogs, vlogs, achievements, volunteer work of the team etc. on Twitter, FB for sponsors, youth sports fraternity, parents and other prospective partners to see.

Post pictures

Whatever content you share on social media, let majority of it be graphic. Post team pictures, a lot of them. Posting pictures not only attracts readers more, it also makes your profile more discoverable. Encourage team members to click pictures and post them on their social media accounts. Accessing social media accounts through the InstaTeam is fast and super convenient. Additionally, instead of shuffling from one social-media app to another, you can manage all your social media accounts from the InstaTeam app itself.

Interact, not just post

The whole point of social media is social interaction. Do reply if people leave comments, like your stuff, leave feedback or reach out for any reason. If someone appreciates, thank them, if they complain, thank them louder. More than what you post, people look at how you respond. Interaction is the name of the game.

Stay active

Staying active on social media is the second most important thing. If one day you are there and second day you aren’t, it wont work. You have to be consistently active else you’ll be lost. It’s every-single-day or never!

Be discreet

Don’t tout your own horn. You will need to learn the subtle art of balancing self-promotion with humility. Brazen aggression or ego will put off people. And you want your audience to engage with you on the network and not vice versa. Highlight hard work, team work and the virtues and you’ll be good. Do show your involvement in charitable or voluntary work.

Being on social media is no big deal. But being able to make a mark there is. On social media, you are catering to a much larger audience. Always remember to tread carefully because what goes online stays online, forever!



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